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Promote Your Program

Foreign Languages  – a Necessary Skill?

How can we show parents and students that knowledge of a second language is a necessary skill?  Look for recent headlines to share with parents and post them on bulletin boards in classrooms and hallways.  We are providing you with an immediate resource –  What You Can Do With Foreign Languages –  for eye-catching titles and information to get you started.  Print a slide to decorate your walls or share with parents.

Help Others Help You Promote Foreign Language Learning

Our new brochure will help you explain to administrators the special needs of foreign language programs and effective teaching practices.  It provides information for supervision, walk through tools, planning and more.  You will also fin resources for your department office.

New Materials for You!

MaFla has created a series of brochures, flyers, and thought-provoking suggestions to help you advocate for your foreign language program.  You may download and print any of the available materials soon to be listed below.  Come to the Advocacy Table at the MaFLA Annual Fall Conference to get new brochures, tips, and information and to participate in advocacy tasks.

MaFLa hopes that you enjoy these ideas for Everyday Advocacy.

The document, College Requirements of Foreign Language Study, is a wonderful resource to share with your Guidance Office, post in your classroom, or share with students and parents. Thanks to MaFLA First Vice President Jane Rizzitano for sharing it with us!