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Hints for Newspaper Articles

The local newspaper is one way to tell your community all of the good things that are happening in your program.  Below you will find a list of hints that will help you get the word out.  

  • Get to know the newspapers in your area. Do they appear weekly or daily? Daily newspapers may print a longer article, but weekly newspapers still want your news and will find a time and space to print it.
  • Write the article so that even if the reader gets the news next week, it will not seem outdated. Avoid words such as “yesterday” or “next week”.
  • Keep the contact information for your local newspaper’s school news editor on file – the name and/or title, telephone number, and email address. Check every year since the news editor may change. If you are lucky, the email may just go to the school news editor – no name mentioned – so that, even if the person changes, it is always possible to contact the school news editor via the same email address.
  • Address a brief note to the newspaper mentioning the contents of the article. Attach your article to the email rather than putting it in the body of the email.
  • Provide a heading for the article. The newspaper may change the heading, but your heading says what you think is important about the article.
  • Double space the article and provide sizeable margins.
  • Indicate the end of your article with –30–.
  • Below the article, provide your contact information: name, title, address, telephone, email.
  • If your article contains a photo, include the cutline at the bottom of your article, below your contact information. A cutline will tell who is in the photo, from left to right, or by rows.
  • Newspapers use digital technology so save time and money by sending digital photos. They can crop and change color to black and white more easily with digital images. Photos enliven your article, so try to use this tool. Weekly newspapers will use the photo, printing an abridged article in the space below with the cutline information.
  • Topics
    • Recognize students who receive an honor or award.
    • Share the recent community service project.
    • Trip from the teacher or student point of view.
    • Foreign Language Week
    • Exchange students

Don’t stop there.  Print a copy for the principal, superintendent, and/or school committee.  Have a portion announced in the morning bulletin.

Whatever you do, remember the three F’s – fun, facts, and photos.  They are the ABC’s of your media coverage along with your contact list.