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Student Awards

Past Presidents’ Awards

MaFLA awards up to 4 awards of $500.00 annually in honor of our past presidents. Awards are given to high school students who have demonstrated excellence in foreign language study and service/leadership within their school.

Criteria for Past Presidents’ Award

  1. Student must be a senior in high school who has completed the last sequence of that language.
  2. Student must have studied a foreign language for a minimum of three sequential levels (Spanish I, II, III, for example). The only exception will be for students who study a critical language which has a program of only two years in scope (Chinese Language I, Chinese II, for example).
  3. Student must be planning to continue foreign language study at the college level.
  4. Student must have achieved a 90% average in the foreign language over the 3+ years of study.
  5. Student must have demonstrated service to or leadership within the department, school and/or community. Some examples are language club officer, tutor, etc.
  6. Student must be able to articulate in an essay of 250 words the importance of foreign language study. This topic may be treated either globally or personally. Some examples are:
    • The Importance of Foreign Language Study in Today’s Changing World
    • The Importance of Foreign Language Study in My Life
  1. Nominating teacher must be a member of MaFLA.  Only ONE candidate per school should be submitted for consideration.

Get a downloadable application form HERE.

Deadline for Submissions March 31


Student Awards

The MaFLA Board of Directors has established an awards program for students of foreign languages in public and private schools in Massachusetts.  Awards categories are:

  • One award for excellence for each language per school.  This certificate is conferred upon the student who has demonstrated excellence (highest achievement) in the most advanced course of each language taught in each school.
  • One award per high school to the student who has distinguished himself/herself for leadership in foreign language activity.

Any public or private school in Massachusetts wishing to recognize academic excellence and leadership in foreign language activities by awarding the MaFLA award certificates may submit their nominees. Individual certificates will be sent for presentation to students. Each school is eligible to make one award for excellence in each language taught. Each school is eligible to make one award per school for leadership in foreign language activities.

The Board of Directors has established the following criteria which each award recipient’s school must meet:

  1. Nominees must be public or private school students in Massachusetts.
  2. Recipients of the Award for Excellence must be enrolled in the most advanced course offered in their school of the language for which they have been selected to receive the award.
  3. Recipients of the Award for Leadership for foreign language activities may be enrolled in any high school foreign language course but must demonstrate leadership in Foreign Language activities.No more than one award per high school per year will be granted for leadership.
  4. Recipients are to be selected by the foreign language faculty of their respective schools. Criteria for determining highest achievement shall be determined by the local school’s foreign language department.
  5. Schools participating in the awards program must be institutional members of MaFLA or have at least one current MaFLA member on their foreign language staff.   Application for awards must be made through this member.

Inquiries:  Pat DiPillo                                                                       Student Awards 17

Online Application Form HERE

Deadline for Submissions May 15