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2013 Essay Contest

Collaborate to Promote Languages with a Collective Voice

This year 53 students from around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts probed deeply into the ways in which language learning is a collaborative endeavor. Thirty-four Middle School students and nineteen High School students submitted thoughtful and revelatory essays. This year’s High School winner was Nicole Ellis of Northbridge High School. Nicole was this year’s Essay of the Year Winner as well. Daniel Bailey of Wood Hill Middle School in Andover, Ma. was the Midddle School Winner. Honorable Mention Essay writers were High School students Erika Rohrberg and John Vasington of Nashoba Regional High School and Sruti Pandey of Burlington High School. Middle School Honorable Mentions were Riley Plotner and Maya Koorapaty of North Andover Middle School and Kishor Bharadwaj of William Diamond  Middle School in Lexington.

2012 Essay Contest

Foreign Language: Our Global Lens

Fifty-six students from seventeen schools throughout Massachusetts submitted entries for the 2012 MaFLA Essay Contest.  Developing the theme of “Foreign Languages: Our Global Lens,” students’ essays showed thoughtful insight and youthful idealism based on their personal experiences. It is inspiring to read their essays, so full of confidence and optimism.


The Essay of the Year belongs to Mia M. from Cathedral High School.  She says:

“Language is an infectious interest that has permeated much of my life.  Learning a few words or phrases in several languages has connected me with my relatives as well as strangers….The corrective vision provided by foreign languages can provide us with the lucidity we desire to see and understand the world more clearly.”  

Mia’s  teacher is Nancy Gadbois.  Congratulations Mia and Nancy!


The Middle School Division Winner is Arman K. from Wood Hill Middle School.  In his essay he says English was his third language.

“Discovering and exploring foreign languages can lift up the lens-cap that has otherwise been shrouding from us a different culture, from another area of the world.  If we were to overcome our apprehensions and learn a new language, it would be akin to lifting the lens-cap.  A larger world would await us, which is waiting to be discovered.”

Arman’s teacher is Maria Hernandez.  Congratulations Arman and Maria!


The Elementary School Division Winner is Raymond P. from Kensington Avenue School.  He says:

“…knowing a language other than your first is like a person with an eye handicap putting on glasses, or using another type of lens… Foreign languages help us see the world clearer, and connect and communicate with the people of the world.” 

Raymond’s teacher is Nancy Mangari.  Congratulations Raymond and Nancy!

2011Languages Connect The World

Essay of the Year

The Essay of the Year belongs to Lindsey O. from Nashoba Regional High School. She says

“It’s our responsibility to thread together all of the world’s countries, using language as a vehicle. We possess the power to weave together the beautiful cultures, traditions, and citizens of this planet, and by exercising this incredible strength, languages can connect the world … Language can be the perfect bridge to tie the world together, and it’s up to us to make it happen.”  Lindsey’s teacher is Kathleen McHale. Congratulations Lindsey and Kathleen!


Middle School Winner (Grades 5-8)

The Middle School Division Winner is Julia M. from Wood Hill Middle School . In her essay she spoke of traveling to Italy as a young child and realizing the people were just like her even though they spoke another language.

“Languages are like bridges, strong and sturdy, well built and stable. They tower over every vast ocean that stands between the seven continents and allow us to communicate with one another despite the distance that separates us… Speaking a language, crossing a single bridge, opens up a whole new world.” Julia’s teacher is Norma Villarreal. Congratulations Julia and Norma!


Elementary School Winner (Grades 1-4)

The Elementary School Division Winner is Raymond P. from Kensington Avenue School. He says

“…there are many different people and languages being spoken. Because of this a sort of bond is spread between the countries…Because the bonds are being increased, wars are less frequent.” Raymond’s teacher is Nancy Mangari. Congratulations Raymond and Nancy!