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Poster Contest Winners 2015

MaFLA Poster Contest Winners 2015
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     Poster of the Year

      Hyowan Kang
       Gr. 8 John W. McDevitt Middle School
       Teacher: Ismael Colon






High School Division Winner

Charlie Ritchie
Gr. 9  Dracut High School
Teacher: Elizabeth Tocci



Honorable Mention

Emma Oliver of Sky View Middle School (Teacher, Emily Loughlin)
Imani Physic of Wood Hill Middle School (Teacher, Patricia Gregory)
Will Buraczynski of Littleton High School (Teacher, Jenene J. Allison)
Veda Chandwani of Sharon High School (Teacher, Nicole Strandson).

Thanks for this year’s Poster contest judges: Colleen Connolly, Deirdre Kunar, Adriana Anderson, Carmen Tomlinson and Susana Pierce.