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On this page I will update you with internet sites that have interest to foreign language teachers and students.  Be sure to visit often as it will be updated frequently!  Don’t miss out!


As we approach the end of the academic year you might want to check out this blog post by Spanish Mama – 10 Interactive End-of-the-Year Games!

Do your students struggle with reading – even in their native language?  I know mine do. Noah Geisel has an very interesting post about entitled Scaffold Second Language Reading with Lingro. 

Many of our MaFLA members know Mme Blouwolff the author of this great blog post Interpersonal Boot Camp:  Using the TALK Rubric.

Don’t miss this interesting blogpost Glyphs to express & assess from The Comprehensible Classroom.  Very informative!

Have you seen this great blogpost by Amy Lenord – Proficiency Building Tools?Some great resources here. Don’t miss out!

How to create a red carpet moment that let’s language learning shine is a great blog post about celebrating foreign languages.  Read it and get some great ideas for celebrating FLs with your students.

Looking for authentic materials for Spanish?  Don’t miss 15 Facebook Pages for Spanish #AuthRes by Sra. Spanglish at PBL in the TL

4 poetry activities for language learners by Noah Geisel is perfect for National Poetry Month – in April!

Elementary students (and probably even middle and high school students) would love these 5 Spanish Goodbye Songs for the End of Class posted by Spanish Playground!

Do you like to incorporate authentic music into your classes.  Be sure to read 15 Ways to Use Authentic Music in Spanish Class from Secondary Spanish Space.  I suppose these ideas could work for any language!

Don’t miss this great blog post by Nicole Naditz –  Kleenex Is Not Proficiency (and other stupid things that make grades meaningless).   So much great stuff here!!

Spanish Playground has an interesting  blogpost  –  Basta Game for Spanish Vocabulary Practice.

Do you like to incorporate Music Activities into your classes?  Here are a few blogposts from Spanish Mama you should certainly check out – Draw, Listen, Check: An Easy Listening Activity for Songs , Authentic Songs for My Spanish Class, and How to Teach Spanish with Authentic Songs.

Here is a great blogpost – Spanish Poem for Children with Suggested Activities – Mi casa está viva  – at Spanish Playground.

Check out the Proficiency Building Tools at Language Coaching by Amy Lenord

How to Teach a Lesson in Elementary Spanish Class Using a Video Clip – Step by Step is a great blogpost with lost of helpful hints from Mundo de Pepita.

Should teaching filled pauses be part of language teaching?  Check out this interesting article entitled The Mystery and Occasional Poetry of, Uh, Filled Pauses.

Photos for Spanish Class Activities is a great blogpost from Spanish Playground.  Tons of super ideas.  I plan to use all of them.

5 Fresh Ideas for the New Year for Spanish Class. This blog post at Secondary Spanish Space has some interesting ideas which can be used in just about any language.

68 Voces – The 68 Voces website is an absolutely extraordinary resource for folktales from Mexico. Each animated video is a different story that is narrated in an indigenous language with subtitles in Spanish. Thanks Mis cositas. com for sharing this great information!

.I loved this post entitled When Vocabulary Becomes Student Driven by La Profe Farias.  I hope you enjoy it also.

Don’t miss this blogpost – Conversation on the fly at pathtoproficiency.com.

Here are the documents that Monson used to create the Proficiency Walls.  Help yourselves.   Modes Proficiency.  Novice Low Descriptors  Novice Mid Descriptors  Novice High Descriptors  Intermediate Low Descriptors  Intermediate MID Descriptors  Intermediate High Descriptors  AdvancedLow Descriptors

All Language Teachers!  Check this out . . . Radio Garden Lets You Tune Into a World of Global Broadcasts.  Lots of great materials!

Here is a great blogpost by our colleague Joshua Cabral – Foreign Language Speaking Activity, Easily Adapted to Proficiency Levels.  This is a great idea!

I loved this blogpost by Language Sensei – Adding Choice for Novices – The “Meeting/Fully Meeting” Options.  Some good things to think about.

Looking for some authentic resources for the holiday season.  Check out this blog post of La clase de la Señora Dentlinger –Tweets Navideños.

How to Encourage a Global Perspective in your Classroom is a great blogpost which you could share with colleagues.

Check out Kristy Placido’s blog Creating comprehensible input with comercials.  I attended her session on this at ACTFL in Boston and it was great.  Don’t miss this one!

Don’t miss out on this Immigration Unit for Spanish I from our MaFLA colleague Kara Jacobs.

Working on Interpretive Communication?  Check out Using Rubrics to Assess Interpretive Reading at Madame’s Musings.

Is it communication?  Don’t miss the mark! is  a great blog post from Creative Language Class.

10 Tricks for Teaching Novice Students to Circumlocute is a great blogpost by Calico Spanish.

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month?  Check out this blog post with lesson information and video – Making Cultural Connections by Comparing a Taco.  Thanks Mundo de Pepita!

MaFLA member Joshua Cabral has a great post on his blog entitled Engaging with Culture in the Foreign Language Classroom:  Cultural Value Dimensions!

DO NOT MISS – this blogpost – OPI Strategies in the World Language Classroom by a Global Classroom!

Second Language Acquisition Quotes has some inspirational and thought-provoking quotes from some of the leaders in language learning at T.P.R.S.  Q & A

Musicuentos has shared a blogpost entitled Nine homework choice systems for world language students that is filled with great ideas.  Don’t miss it!

Do you enjoy using music in your classes?  Then you definitely need to read this blogpost by José Miguel Motoro entitled 31 Spanish Songs Students Love for Improving Speaking and Vocabulary!

Check out this blogpost from Spanish Mama – Spanish 1:  The First Two Weeks.

Here is a fun counting game to get your students practicing number – Mano Nerviosa: Best Ever Counting Game from Spanish Mama.

Looking for some Brain Breaks for the classroom.  Here are some that can be done in the target language – Brain Breaks in the Target Language – by Maris Hawkins!

Mundo de Pepita has an interesting resource Mystery country bags – Let’s play detective.

Don’t miss these two resources – Student Friendly ACTFL Learning Targets available for free and the great advice in this blogpost – Lesson Planning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Thanks Kristy Placido!

Check out Mi Mundo en Palabras – part of the Centro Virtual Cervantes, a site created by the Institute Cervantes in Spain. Thanks Spanish Playground for posting about this site.

Brain Breaks Part 1:  Music Makes Me Move by La Maestra Loca has great tips on using these in your classes!

This blogpost from A Global Classroom is a definite MUST READ –  OPI Strategies in the World Language Classroom.

Another great blogpost from our own Joshua Cabral at World Language Classroom – Assessing Proficiency with Student-Friendly Can Do Statements.  Here is another that is definitely worth checking out – Foreign Language Speaking Activity, Easily Adapted to Proficiency Levels.

Want to teach your students about Lucha Libre.  There are some great ideas and resources at Spanish Playground – Mexican Culture:  Lucha Libre!

Need some graphic organizers for your classes?  Spanish Playground has many available here.

Don’t miss this amazing resource – Authentic Songs for My Spanish I Class by Spanish Mama.  This is a great resource.  Love it!!

Looking for some ideas to begin the schooly year?  Check out A Treasure Trove of Classroom Resources at lightninglangvlog!

How about using El sie7e’s song Tengo tu love in your classes.  The Comprehensible Classroom has some great ideas to incorporate this song . . . with activities!  I love this!!

Have you considered using the Seesaw App in your classe?  Here is some advice and information about it from blogger Maris Hawkings.  Check out Using Seesaw App in a Foreign Language Class.

Don’t miss this blogpost by Musicuentos – Where are the points of agreement in language teaching?

Hey Latin Teachers!  Check out Mama Mea, by ABBA, in Latin.  Or how about A Latin Language Version of Adele’s ” Hello” by Keith Massey, Ph.D.  Fun videos with lyrics!

Want to move beyond your textbook?  Read this blogpost PBS in the TL:  PBL while Tied to the Textbook.  There are some great ideas here from #SraSpanglish!

Starting to think about your upcoming academic year?  Check out 22 Powerful Closure Activities  and/or Do No Harm: Flexible and Smart Grading Practices on Edutopia.

What Actors Can Teach Us About Learning a Foreign Language has some great tips you might want to share with students.  Thanks Lingholic for this great blogpost!

Do you struggle with using novels in your classes.  Don’t miss this blog post by The Comprehensible Classroom – How should I use novels in class?

Looking for some ideas for listening assessments?  Don’t miss this blog post Movie Listens: using animated shorts for listening assessmsents by Elizabeth Dentlinger.

Are you a fan of Quizlet Live?  Then don’t miss this blog post entitled Getting the most TL use in Quizlet Live!

Something for classics teachers! High quality maps for the study of ancient Roman history, made available for free.  Thanks Ancient world Mapping Center, and OUP.  Also thanks to Sally Murphy Hatcher for sharing this resource!

Looking for authentic videos for Novice and Intermediate learners.  Be sure to check out Nuevo español en marcha.

How about this All Around This World:  Latin America Musical Map 24″by 36″Poster.  I want one!!

Don’t miss Let’s Go to the Movies at Gatos y Español! (Now this blogger has some of the same passions that I have – cats and Spanish)!

Check out Música Libre – Para cantar y jugar for free children’s music.  This is authentic music made for children in Colombia.

Check out this great resource of Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction. What a treasure – especially for those of us who have no artistic talents.

Celebrate Earth Day in Spanish:  5 Activities has some ideas and great activities for talking about our planet.  Thanks Spanish Playground for this great blog post.

This Diario de las Emociones is perfect with early learners.  Get it here in this blog post Educar para las emociones Diario de las emociones   Also check out Colección de láminas para trabajar las emociones.

How about Free iPad Apps with Art for Speaking Spanish.  This blog post at Spanish Playground has some great ideas for using art to get students speaking.

Todoele.net is a great resource for teacher of Spanish. It is created by teachers of Spanish and is filled with information, resources, and other materials.  This is a great site!  I have already found tons of resources and activities that I can immediately use.

Check out La Oruga Comelona at Fun for Spanish Teachers.

Core Practices for World Language by Lynn Johnston  is a “must read.”  Do NOT miss this one!

Are you into Tech?  How about this blogpost – 10 Easy Activities You Can Do With Vocaroo!  Love these ideas.

Spanish Playground has shared a Spanish game – Mar y tierra.  Looks like fun for early language learners.

Check out this Video and Podcast Index.  Lots of great resources from Languages Around the World.

Want to explore Mariachi music with your classes.  Check out Mommy Maestra:  Mariachi Lesson Plans, Books, Activities and More.

5 ways to use infographics in language class is a great blogpost by Musicuentos.  Don’t miss it.

Check out this blogpost from Santillana USA – Entre dichos y refranes – Resources for your Spanish classroom

Check out this great lesson with resources entitled Perspectives of Beauty:  Frida Kahlo at TPRS Publishing,Inc.  Lots of great stuff!

Don’t miss this blog post by SraSpanglish at PBL in the TL – What’s a Novice!

Looking for some graphic organizers – check them out here at  Spanish Playground.

Thanks again to MisCositas for this great resource – es-tema.de.  The whole site is rich with great materials! You can search by level (based on the CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): A1 and A2 (basic user), B1 and B2 (independent user) and C1 and C2 (proficient user).

Thanks go out to MisCositas for this great resource. – On the ELINQUA blog there are some useful infographics and other visual tools to help explain different thematic vocabulary and grammar points in Spanish.  Two of them –  one about train and another about plane travel – are good for use in fantasy trips.

Draw a Spanish Song:  Dibujo Rítmico is a great blog post explaining how dibujo rítmico consists of illustrating lyrics to the rhythm of the music.  There are songs and tips included for using these dibujos with students learning Spanish.  Very cool!  Thanks Spanish Playground for sharing this!

Do you like to incorporate music into your classes?  Here is a must read for you – How to Learn Languages Through Music – An Interview with Susanna Zaraysky at Lingholic.

Hey did you know about Google Cultural Institute?  It is a great resource for art, history, culture and other images.  You can discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives from all around the world.  Explore cultural tresures in extraordinary detail, from hidden gems to masterpieces.  You can even create your own galleries and share favorite finds with friends.

Español con Carlitos is a nice collection of online materials for thematic units including grammar practice with interactive tasks (drop-down menus with verbs, vocab, etc.), cultural readings, and other materials. There is a nice section called “rincón de encuentros” where kids from around the world introduce themselves in simple Spanish. This site is a good resource for students to use in centers or at home for extra practice.  Thanks MisCositas for sharing this resource!

Don’t miss this great video Abuela Grillo – dedicated to all those who have fought and who continue to fight for water.  What a great resource for telling a story but also for teaching about social issues.

Have you visited Cine Con Clase?  It is  great resource that uses short film clips along with lesson ideas, projects, handouts and materials for teaching Spanish. You have to sign up to use the site, but it is a free account and easy to use.  Thanks Mis Cositas for sharing this!

French Teachers – Check out 200 dialogues français entre deux personnes.  How will you use it?

What do you think of this video Cuento El Sueño de Dalí. Proyecto Los Pintores.EEI Santiago Apóstol.  How would you use it in our classroom?  Thanks to El Mundo de Pepita for this resource!

Here is something for Latin Teachers!! Check out this Podcast: Why the Classics Matter at AWOL – The Ancient World Online!

Looking for a science based thematic unit?  Check out what Mis Cositas has shared – Here are some resources for teachers who might be interested in teaching about the axolotl – or Mexican salamander – in a science-based thematic unit

Hands on Geography: Argentina Unit Study has some resources that might be of interest to Spanish teachers.  Thanks Spanish Playground for sharing!

Chinese Teachers – The Great Mandarin Reading Project is aimed at providing Chinese language teachers and students with short, free reading material. This video shows how you might use the website and reading resources, along with online tools and websites that provide Chinese reading support.

Looking for an activity for Valentine’s Day?  How about Spanish Candy Hearts found on Spanish Playground?  There is a free printable activity and lost of suggestions on how to use them.  I already have mine?  Will you be using them also?

Here are some sentence starters to help students express opinions. Check out Expresar la opinión at Lenguaje y otras luces.

Do your students need an energizer from time to time.  How about Five Zumba Routines for Spanish Class from Spanish Playground.  Great music and fun!

Put some music into your classes with CANTICUENTOS – Bate con la cucharita!

Looking for some picture prompts to inspire writing.  Try PicLits.  Read more about this in this blog article  PicLits – Inspire Creative Stories Through Pictures at  Free Technology for Teachers.

7 Speaking Activities for Any Video Clip is a great blog post from Spanish Playground.  Don’t miss this one!

“Short German”text speak spares you from grammar is an article about how more and more Germans are using the language of texting.

Are you teaching transportation?  Then how about this 3-minute video Spanish Words Transporte that introduces the words from Spanish Playground.

Here is an informative article entitled Reading comprehension problems of intermediate L2 students and implications for teaching and learning by Gianfranco Conti PhD.

Here is an interesting blog post entitled 10 Commonly made mistakes in vocabulary instruction.  There are several points to consider.  Don’t miss this one!

German Teachers!  How about this Infographic on the German Autobahn.

Do you like to use music in your classes?  Check out Making Every Day a “Viernes” in Spanish Class at Fun for Spanish Teachers.  I love the song by Chayanne and I think the lyrics are accessible for my students.  I plan to use it soon.

Get to know TED en español  Lots of great stuff!

Need some ideas on how to use Twitter?  Check out What To Do On Twitter:  50 Ideas for Teachers at TeachThought.

Do you include lessons on World Language Careers in your curriculum?  Check out the videos and handouts available at the Ohio Department of  Education website.

Be sure to visit the AP World Language and Culture Interactive Online Modules.  Developed by educators with expertise in AP world languages and cultures instructional design, the following suite of interactive online modules is intended to provide you with strategies, resources, and activities that aid in teaching AP world language and culture courses. They also help build students’ competencies in the courses leading up to the AP experience. Please see below for descriptions and links to individual modules.rt enthusiasts may want to peruse this article Art Institute explores Van Gogh’s Bedroom and a Sense of Home.  Van Gogh’s Bedrooms will be on exhibit from February 14 – May 10 at the Art Institute of Chicago.

This collection of simple adivinanzas presented by children is perfect for beginning level students – AND it’s adorable! From the webite: “Adivina es un diccionario básico del español en formato audiovisual con definiciones aportadas por niños españoles. Creado con el fin de fomentar el aprendizaje del idioma con una metodología en la que prima el entretenimiento.”  Thanks MisCositas for this great resource!

Want to incorporate STEAM into your language classes.  Check out this blog post from MisCositas. STEAM: World Language and EAL through Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Looking for some authentic resources for French – especially for younger students.  Here are the YouTube channels of a Canadian TV Station out of Toronto called (TFO –  Tele Française de l’Ontario) that puts most of its pre-schooler programming on YouTube.   Here the links – MiniABC – MiniMation – MiniDoReMi.  Found on FL Teach ListServe.  Thanks Angela Cartwright.

Have you used photos to enrich your language classroom or deepen cross-cultural learning?  Learn more about the benefits of using photos in this practical Edweek post entitled Photo-Detectives:  Connecting the Cross-Cultural With the Cross-Curricular.

Check out this blogpost Seven Ways to Use Word Clouds in a Language Classroom at Debbie’s Spanish Learning.

Part 1 of 6 of Professor Bill VanPatten’s MiWLA 2013 presentation: What Everyone Should Know about Second Language Acquisition.

Trying to get to that 90% target language use in the classroom. Then check out this blog post 90%+ Target Language Use, Questions and Answers at World Language Classroom. Thanks Joshua Cabral for your great blog and materials!

Students can learn colors with this short video showing different colorful houses in different regions of Colombia. Simple narration, text and photos make this useful for novice levels of Spanish.  Thanks Miscositas.com!

Here is an interesting blog post from and New Jersey foreign language educator  –  Quick Tips:  4 Ideas For Getting Students To Use The Target Language.  Thanks FLENJ for featuring Señor Howard!

Here is another article from The Christian Science Monitor on careers and foreign languages – Ten ways learning a second language can help with your career

Here is some great news.  Netflix’ s First Latin American Animated Series ” Las Leyendas”  is Coming Soon!  Read about it here.

How about some Hand clapping games in Spanish shared at Spanish Playground?

Here are some great videos and articles you might want to share with students about inspirations latinos in 2015.  Check out Los latinos y latinas que más nos inspiraron este año!

This fall my Spanish V class read some articles on #trabajoinfantil.  I just recently saw this video entitled In Bolivia, Legitimizing Child Labor – NY Times International.  Use this video to talk to your students about Social Justice issues.  Let me know how you have incorporated it into your curriculum?

Looking for authentic materials?  Check out Authentic Spanish Language and Pedagogy.  Lots of materials here and levels are indiciated.  What a gem!

Here is another great site for Spanish listening activities – SpanishListening

Here is an idea for getting students to talk about various topics in the target language – French.  It’s called Parler de . . .   Spanish teachers check it out because it could easily to done in Spanish also.  Just use the topics and create the board yourself!

Want to incorporate more Web 2.0 tools into hour classroom?  Check out HOW TO USE PADLET:  A FANTASTIC TOOL FOR TEACHING at CoolCat Teacher.

DO NOT MISS this TOY Talk by Nicole Naditz who addresses the following topic –  “My students’ final grades are a reflection of their language ability relative to performance objectives and the proficiency target.”

This is another great blog post from PBL in the TL:  What I’ve learned from IPAs so far by @SraSpanglish.

These blog posts from Musicuentos is well worthwhile.  Be sure to check out Best of 2015 #4 My homework choices for very early novices and Best of 2015#3:  How important is task completion?

This blog site is a gem – Me encanta escribir en español.  It has lots of resources for varied levels of Spanish.  Don’t miss this one!

Ready for Snow?  How about Talking About a Snowman In Spanish:  The Friday Five from Spanish Playgrounds.  Videos and other resources!

Check out this presentation of images with audio about La Navidad: Presentación y actividad about la Navidad en América Latin and en España from ProfeDeELe.es.

“El Caballero Don Quijote: La Aventura de los Molinos” is a beautiful illustrated interactive story with audio narration and animation. Fun and really informative!  Thanks to miscositas.com for sharing this resource.

German teachers – check out German history in 100 objects at Made for Minds.

Using Music the Foreign Language Classroom is a great article at Inside Higher Ed.

This is a fascinating article about Using a Murder Mystery to Teach Grammar!  from the Atlantic.   Would you try this?

This Go Global! video by Stacie Berdan is a great video to share with students, administrators and parents.  A great advocacy tool for your language program!

Interested in Pablo Neruda?  Don’t miss this interesting article on The Lost Poems of Pablo Neruda:  Help Bring Them to the English Speaking World for the First Time on Open Culture!

Ten Amazing Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language is a great advocacy blog post at lingholic which you would share with students, parents and administrators.  I think my department may use some of these ideas as a promotional bulletin board!  How will you use it?  Let us know!  Email me!

This blog post by Calico Spanish – Engage Students Beyond the Classroom!  Tools to Connect with Target Language Communities  – is a great resource for ideas.  Don’t miss this one!

Are you feeling overwhelmed as the end of the marking term approaches?  Then, check out this blog post – 5 Tips for Grading IPAs

8 guaranteed ways to enhance teenage learner motivation in the classroom is an interesting blog post on Teach them English.  What do you think?

As Mayan Speakers Immigrate, Their Ancient Language is Often Lost in Translation is a very interesting article you might want to share with students to make them aware of how languages can become lost or die.

I just saw this ESL post but think it could work for FLs also – Draw an Idiom:  An ESL Warm Up Activity at ESL Activities:  Saving you Time, Guaranteed!

How about some Printable Spanish Clothespin Activities for Numbers, Vowels and Math from Spanish Playground.  Great for younger students as well as older ones (who might like to play)

How a 14-year old girl is making Quechua cool in Peru – with music and lyrics from Michael Jackson is a fascinating article with an interview of this young lady at PRI.

Just found out about this site called Spanish Resources.  It is filled with great activities for various levels of students.  I haven’t had time to really investigate so let me know what you find.  Email me by clicking here.

Latin Teachers – Check out the Full-length Animation – A Day in Pompeii.  Thanks to the National Committee for Latin and Greek for sharing this resource!

Free Handbook:  Connecting World Language Skills to Workplace Skills is available from NOBLE – Network of Business Language Educators.

Struggling to move your students along the Proficiency Continuum?  Then be sure to read Connector Words Chant to Get to Novice High is a great blog post at PBL in the TL.

More resources for very early circumlocution is a great blog post at Musicuentos.  I loved it myself and plan to use the activities!

Don’t miss this blog post – Brain Breaks in the Target Language by Maris Hawkins.

Día de los Muertos

Here is a great resource for Día de los Muertos from National Geographic.
Documental Día de los Muertos.
Check out the Smithsonian Latino Center for resources on Día de los Muertos.  Be sure to check out the User’s Guide and Lessons Plans K-2 and 6-8 and the other Resources!  This is a treasure!
Watch this beautifully animated, and heartfelt, short film about a little girl who visits the land of the dead, where she learns the true meaning of the Mexican holiday, Dia de los Muertos. Student Academy Award Gold Medal winner, 2013!
Check out the infographics on Día de los Muertos – Infographic 1  Infographic 2  Infographic 3  Infographic 4
Also check out all of the resources for Día de los Muertos  at Connect with Languages
Here is an interesting blog post from Multicultural Kid Blogs – Day of the Dead:  A Stroll through the Catalan Cemeteries.

Are you teaching Novice level students and focusing on descriptions? Don’t miss this great blog post at Musicuentos – Novice description with a deep cultural AP twist.

Hey German Teachers . . . help me out.  Check out this article Ten Pop songs that Will Help You Learn German on the Young Germany site.  Let me know if they are good!

Trying to hit that 90% in the target language?  Check out this blog post on Tuesday’s Tips for Staying in the Target Languges –  How to Avoid ” Freaking Out”  Novice L2 Learners When Staying in the Target Language

Don’t miss this great blog post – YouTube Task #1:  Identify Aspects of Culture at Creative Language Class.

Want to communicate better with both students and parents about what a world language class is all about.  Be sure the read this awesome blog post at Calico Spanish entitled What’s the World Language Class All About?  Let Parents and Students Know From the Start.

The writing skills most foreign language teachers don’t teach: interactional writing is a fascinating blog post by The Language Gym about teaching students about chatting and texting which have become common communicative tools.

This lesson plan with free downloads based on De Que Me Sirve La Vida music video by Camila is an amazing resource. Get it today at SpanishPlans.org!

Focusing on Proficiency this year as a result of our MaFLA Proficiency Academy or simply because it’s what we should be doing?  Then check out Musicuentos – ANNOUNCING:  The 2015 updated performance assessment rubric.  Lots of good stuff here!!

Do you incorporate Word Walls into your language classes?  Here is a great blog post about Word Walls for World Languages from Creative Language Classroom.  I plan to use some of these ideas.!

Develop and Use Effective Can-Do Statements in Your Classroom. You CAN DO it, too! is a very well thought out and detailed blog post which you should not miss by Calico Spanish.

A Wonderful App for Students to Showcase their Learning  from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning highlights an app that FL teacher may want to consider using.

Hey Latin Teachers!  Is this something that would be of interest to you?   BBC Documentary Building the Ancient City Athens and Rome Part 1 and Part 2.  Let me know!

Need a Sub Plan – check out Read, Draw, Ask Sub Plan by señorita barragán!

How about Art and Speaking Skills  in the Foreign Language Class at Debbie’s Spanish Learning.  There are some great links to resources you need to see!

Conversation Quotidienne is a FREEBIE on Teachers Pay Teachers from Mme Jones.  This is designed  to get your French students conversing in French from the very first day of school

Be sure to check out Foreign Language Goal Setting Using ACTFL Can-Do Statements from World Language Resources.

Don’t miss out on what Super Spanish Señorita has for suggestions on Keeping it in the Target Language from Day 1 to 180.

Thinking about that Syllabus?  Check out Syllabus Extravaganza:  Steal some great ideas from PBL in the TL @SraSplanglish!

How will you be treating homework in the upcoming academic year?  Here are some ideas in this blog post Putting homework in their hands: Sample systems at Musicuentos.

The blog post 14 Essential Language Teaching Tools at Lindsey Does Languages has some great ideas and resources you should consider for your classroom.  I alreayd have some but plan to get a few of those mentioned.

Have you seen the Chispas-Authentic Resources on the Creative Language Class site? Lot of materials here!

Easy Spanish Jokes for Kids at Spanish Playground has 11 Spanish jokes that are easy for Spanish beginning to understand.  Be sure the visit this for some neat ideas.

7 Speaking Activities for Any Video Clip from Spanish Playground has some great tips.

Need some interesting news content in the target language? Global Voices curates, verifies and translates trending news and stories you might be missing on the Internet, from blogs, independent press and social media in 167 countries. Their volunteers translate the stories into 35 different languages. Thanks CALPER for this information!

Check out Spanish Listening with more than 300 videos featuring native Spanish speakers from 15 Spanish speaking countries.  This is a great resource.  Also included are Comprehension Quizzes.

This Ohio Foreign Language Association IPA LiveBinder has sample IPAs with Technology Integration.  Thanks so much OFLA for this great resource.  You rock!

Yes, They CAN Understand Native Speakers is a great blog post about how we can change the task not the content using Zaption.  It looks fascinating and seems to be a great tech tool.  Definitely view the Zaption tours the author has already made.  What do you think?

“Card Talkers”{Of Playing Cards and Conversations} is an interesting blog post on Debbie’s Spanish Learning site which explains an activity that uses cards and gets kids asking and answering questions.

This blog post on Spanish Plans entitled Effective WL Instructors features the 6 Habits of  Highly Effective World Language Teachers and some great rubrics for self-reflection.

French Cakes – learn French cakes vocabulary with a video, free audio lesson and free printable flashcards at Learn  French Lab.  Thanks CSC for sharing!

How about Story Prompts – 20 Random(ish) Pictures at a Time on Free Technology for Teachers using Pechaflickr.  I like the idea of using these as prompts for writing.

Palaeolexicon is a word study tool for ancient languages.  It is a great resource for those who love historical linguistics and ancient history. Thanks CSC for passing this resource from Gary McCone on.

Check out this post by Amy Lenord – Anchors Away!  It focuses on what we should anchor and what we should not anchor in the world language classroom.  Great title for summer reading!

The one-work key to teaching culture at Musicuentos helps you to think about how you teach culture.

Spain Approves Citizen Path for Sepharic Jews from NYTimes.

Playing Games Part 1 and Playing Games Part 2 at AzarGrammar. com provide great ideas for incorporating games into your classroom.

Making a Solid Case for Realia (1): An Added Dimension from WAFLT is a fascinating article.  Definitely worth a read!

From Talk to Tech:  Twenty Standards-Based Activities To Use In Thematic Units by Janet Glass is a great resource!

Just Added!  Spanish summer Activity Packet . . . FREE from www.onlinefreespanish.com. This is a great way to keep your students engaged this summer

As we continue with Frida excitement you definitely need to see this great lesson by Kristy Placido about Incorporating  selfies and self portraits with Frida Kahlo unit

Frida Kahlo and her works have been in the news lately and I am a great fan of this Mexican painter.    There are two Frida Kahlo exhibits coming up and you may want to be aware of and see yourself.  Check out Frida Kahlo: Art – Garden – Life at the New York Botanical Garden.  Also don’t miss the articles below about the exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Art.  I hope to get to both the Detroit exhibit and the NY Botanical Garden.  Will keep you updated!

Check out these 2 great tools for picking names at random from Teach Them English.  I think I will try them out this week?  How about you?

Don’t miss this information about some interesting books in Spanish from Debbie’s Spanish Learning – De la A a la Z (Country Books in Spanish).

This blogpost at Musicuentos is very interesting and a great read.  Check out What a design-based WL program looks like.

Mexican Story Teaches Language and Culture – Relajo en la Cocina is a great blogpost at Spanish Playground about this excellent resource.  I am going to check it out right now!  Will you?

This video The Last Ice Merchant – El último hielero – is excellent to show cultural traditions and cultural comparisons.  I plan to use it tomorrow in my Spanish V Honors class.  I cannot wait to hear the conversation it inspires.   Thanks to FL Teach where a participant posted this.

Interested in using QR codes in your classroom?  Check out this great blog post – Using QR Codes to Record and Access Student Speaking –  by our own Joshua Cabral at World Language Classroom Resources!

First Spanish Jokes for Kids is a great resource from Spanish Playground!

Do you have Special Needs students in your classes who are struggling with world languages?  Check out the website Foreign Languages for Everyone where Irene Konyndyk has great information and has written a good entitled Foreign Languages for Everyone.

Teaching Spanish Literature (Short Stories) a blogpost on The Architect and the Artist reveals some great short stories for Spanish classes.  Check out the recommendations.

This article about The Forgotten Treehouse Bars of Bygone Summers in Paris from MESSYNESSY chic is fascinating.  Definitely worth the read.

Check out Conjugation Hands – New Twists from PBL in the TL from @Sra Spanglish

Teach Elementary Students?  Check out Fun for Spanish Teachers post – Bringing Different Rhythms to Class (Culture Corner)  I bet you could use this with older students too?  What do you think?

This blog posting with entitled New Song: El perdón for two levels has great ideas for using oortions of  this song in the classroom.  Check it out and thanks Musicuentos!

French Teachers – check out 15 Great French Comics to Learn French from Talk in French.

This blog post provides some interesting activities to start class.  Check out The Precious First Few Minutes of Class from TeachThought.   I really liked the idea of the Question Cards . . . especially considering that my lower levels students struggle with forming questions.

This might be of interest to many of you great literature lovers.  Spain finds Don Quixote writer Cervantes’ tomb in Madrid from BBC News.

Play cards in class. Cucharas!  Read this blog post from the Creative Language Classroom about using card games in class.

This is a great game to check out.  Thief!  A game to practice physical descriptions and direct object pronouns! . . . from The Comprehensible Classroom

You might want to share this article with your colleagues, guidance department or students.  Love of languages translates into fast-growing career at Journal Sentinel.

Looking for graphics and visuals for your classes.  Check out Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction.

Do you like to incorporate music and singing into your classroom.  You will love this CANTICUENTOS “Cumbia del Monstruo.

With all this snow and cold (at least here in the NE) why not incorporate some Poemas y Rimas Infantiles del invierno para niños!  Thanks Nancy Mangari for sharing this!

Check out Mark Connolly’s EdBlog –Vocabulary Building with Word Maps.

You might want to read the ideas that are shared in Simple ideas of teaching Spanish to kids.  There are some interesting activities for early language learners but reading this sparked a few ideas I could use with my older students.

Top 10 Podcasts to help you learn a language has some great recommendations to keep you and your students motivated in language studies.

Here is some information about Connect Fours – A Fun New Review Game @RussellTarr!  Let us know how you can use it in your classroom!

Interesting article on How Different Cultures Understand Time.  I plan to use this with my international club!

This blog – Language Teachers’ Cafe – had some great ideas for activities to do with your Language/Culture Club.

This is a not-to-miss article about how world language teachers can become involved in what is happening in education today and play a role the educational shifts needed to keep education vibrant.  Here is the article – Elevate and Empower:  World Language Instructors as Key Players in the Shift to Competency-Based, Blended Learning authored by Tom Vander Ark, Carri Schneider, Moss Pike & Winifred Kehl.

This is a great video to share with your students Babbel Voices – Matthew’s 9 Language Monologue.

Here are some great resources – updated for teaching Spanish. I particularly liked Lo que el mundo come.  See what your favorite is!

Finally I have something for you Italian teachers.  Check out this video from #Yabla about the Italian use of gestures.  Since I don’t know Italian . . .let me know how you are using it!

Elementary Teachers – Looking for resources for Spanish instruction.  Check out SAS Curriculum Pathways and Instructional Technology!

This blog post on Madame’s Musing is great about 8 Steps to Creating an Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA)

How about Games in the Foreign Language Classroom!  Lots of ideas here!

This is a great article about How To Stay in the Target Language.

A Class Activity Fun:  Pictionary! Phrase-onary and even Sentence-onary from Language Sensei

Spanish teachers check out this interactive video on La Familia de Felipe IV, o Las Meninas at PradoMedia of the Museo Nacional del Prado.  I am going to use it this week with my students.  Perfect timing we have just started to study Las Meninas.

French teachers . . . You might want to check out Frenchteacher, net.  There are numerous resources for teaching French and additional resources will be added. So keep visiting!

This might be a great article for this time of the year when students (and teachers)  are feeling sluggish and tired – Estudiando Español – como evitar la desmotivación at Veinte Mundos.

Hoy en la Historia is a resource for Spanish Teachers.

Spanish teachers.  You may want to read this article  -La RAE elimina letras del abecedario.

Great resource on Frida Kahlo.  Explorando con Frida Kahlo – for niños and for profesores.
All Language Teachers – Be sure to download these Free  Classroom Posters:  Language Learning By The Numbers.  Be sure to share them with parents and guidance.

This blog post by MaFLA’s Joshua Cabral is very interesting about Chat Stations in the World Language Class from World Language Classroom Resources.  Thanks Joshua for all of your great ideas!

German teachers . . . This site Zeitklicks has excellent video and sound clips from six different periods from German history.  Since I do not know German I would use your feedback on this.  Email me here!

Another good blog post about News in Slow Spanish from Teaching & Learning Spanish.

Spanish teachers!  With the holidays approaching you might want to consider Christmas in Colombia contada por un extranjero on Veinte Mundos.   And . . .it includes multimedia.

French teachers  . . . You may want to check out this QR Challenge:  Tour de France.

Here is another resource for French teachers . . . a YouTube video on L’art de la bise.

Visuals – the list below has a variety of visuals for use with students.
Onomatopeya for Spanish Teachers
Avant de Parler Pense for French Teachers.
German Gender – Visual
La Description de la tête – Check this out French Teachers.
Infografías – Por y Para y Participios Irregulares – Very colorful!
Infografía – Fusión de dos culturas – Los incas y los españoles
Food – Il Cibo – for Italian teachers.
Infografía – Guatemala – Un país lleno de sorpresas
Dans la forêt – Visual
Learn German with Germany – Visual Obst Fruit

Check out this blog post – I’ve got a new way to write –  from The Comprehensible Classroom

This selection entitled Voluntariado en Chiapas – una experiencia inolvidable from Veinte Mundos.  Text for different levels and multimedia.

Kids Songs and Rhymes of Mexico from Mama Lisa’s World

Here is a free IPA (Integrated Performance Assessment) for Spanish Novice Learners – La famille.

French teachers.  Here is an interesting site the French Music – 500 French Lyrics for FREE and there are instructions on how to turn your computer into a Karaoke.

Check out Chile Through Pablo Neruda’s Eyes.  Thanks Central States Conference for sharing this!

Teaching colors?  What do you think about this innovative idea on Los Colores from Mi Clase es su Clase.

With Thanksgiving approaching here are some Thanksgiving Activities for Kids: Gratitude Game in Spanish from Spanish Playground.

Digitals for Foreign Language Instruction is a great resource for pictures.  Definitely worth the visit!

Definitely read this article Thinking About Syncing?Using Social Media to Develop Communication Skills by Catherine Ousselin who will be presenting at our MaFLA Fall Conference.  It is a MUST READ.  I cannot wait to attend her workshops and sessions.

This post by Sra. Spanglish entitled Proficiency By the Bikes provides some great ideas to help students understand proficiency and evaluate their own level.

Chinese Teachers!!  Check out the Sid Shuffle – Let’s Dance and Rap in Chinese.  Thanks CSC, and NNELL,for making us aware of this.  I do not know Chinese but I love music and I love to dance.  I have now listened to it a few times and am picking up the moves.   What FUN!!!

Hey German Teachers . . . Here is something for you.  Check out Make a Schultuete:  A German “School Cone” at Kid World Citizen.

Want to keep up with the latest Web 2.0 technologies.  Visit this great wiki – Web2-4 Languages Teachers developed and  maintained by Kristyn Paul, Project Manager Languages R-12, at the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) in South Australia.

Classroom Themes: And even theme songs is a great blog post  Great ideas to gamify you class this year.  Don’t miss out.  Read it NOW!

Check out these great resources for FL education from the Ohio Department of Education.

Are you getting your classroom ready for the opening of school?  Check out Cover the Classroom with Culture from the Creative Classroom blog.  There are some great ideas here to liven up your classroom look!

Here is an update from MaFLA friend and colleague Zachary Jones.  He invites you to visit their newly redesigned Panorama gramático with over 40 Spanish class grammar topics.  Thanks Zachary!

Train Your Brain:  10 Memory Boosters for Language Learners is a great blog post with lots of good ideas to share with students.

Looking for some ideas to encourage students to talk. Check out Get Your Students Talking: The Magic Tissue Box at Fun for Spanish Teachers.

Check out this blog post about using ifaketext.com to create reading comprehension activities for your students.  It is on the Learning to Teach Also Teaching To Learn blogspot.  I am definitely going to try this!

#‎LangCamp‬ Wiki with numerous resources for WL teaching merits some of your time.. Visit the Google (Video) Hangout archive to watch discussions on various teaching ideas. An excellent resource to share with your colleagues.

This infographic – ACTFL 21st Century Skills Meet Technology Infographic – is a great resource.

Do you Skype with your students?  Do you want to Skype with your students.  This blog post – Skype in the Target Language: Set Up by Sra. Spanglish is a great resource.

This blog post Speaking Rocks is all about how to use rocks to encourage/monitor students speaking in the target language.

This blog post Five Ways to Use Memes in the Classroom  – although it focuses on a non-language classroom – has some interesting ideas that you might translate into your fl class.

This blog post – The Great World Language Debate du Jour:  Grammar vs. Communication is a definite must-read!

Here is an interesting culture site – Culture Crossing.  Definitely check out the Explore Your Cultural Baggage page.  This would be great to use with students or even with an International Club.
Don’t miss this blog post – Why German is the Language of the Future at Middlebury Interactive Languages.

Here is a great blogpost to share with students.  I am definitely going to discuss it with my students in the fall. 7 Great Mindset Tips For Successfully Learning a Foreign Language.

Here is a great article for Classics teachers . . . 11 Classy Insults with Classical Greek and Latin Roots.

Here is an interesting blog post by Transparent Language – Small Talk is a Big Deal:  Perceptions of Chit-chat Around the World.

Check out this Infographic – Around the World in 80 Hats.

Check out this great blog post by Sylvia Duckworth.  eTools for Language Teachers  will tell you all about 45 must-have apps for the foreign language classroom.

Do you use music in your Spanish classes?  Even if you do not, you need to check out La Biblioteca Muscial with great musical resources from the Spanish-speaking world.

Check out Free Elementary Spanish Resources – 9letras blog.  There are some excellent resources for elementary as well as upper level students.

The French Corner – A Blog About Teaching French has some great ideas and resources.  Check it out French Teachers!!

The Best Educational Websites for Teaching and Learning in 2014 is a site filled with great info.  Thanks to Language Teachers Ireland for sharing!

Tons of Tips for Beginning Foreign Languages Teachers is a very good blog post for new teachers as well as veteran teachers.

Classics Teachers  . . . this might be of interest to you and your students.  7 Ancient Sports Stars!

Here is a great resource on Frida Kahlo  –  Kids Learn About Frida Kahlo, Mexican Artist Extraordinaire at Kid World Citizen.

How to Remember Words When Learning a Language.  This is a very interesting blog post.

This blog article is awesome.  Engage Now by Jerome Heath is about Do your students TALK AT each other or WITH each other.  Some great ideas here.  DO NOT MISS THIS!

Spanish vocabulary for your holidays in Spain on the beach  is a fun video to teach summer vocabulary.  It may be a little late for this year, as school is out, but remember it for next year.

A huge number of free foreign language videos are categorized at WhatchKnowLearn.org  Check them out here.

Check out this article entited Can is have P please Bob?  Using 80s gameshows to teach languages!

Don’t miss this great wiki on Project Based Leaning in World Languages.

Find Primary Sources from All Over the World on the World Digital Library. Cool!

Here is a neat idea to get things going.  Baile Viernes at Mis Clases Locas.

Mix It Up!  Authentic Activities For the World Language Classroom.  Great ideas here!!

Integrating Interpersonal Speaking Into Language Instruction is a great resource from Calico Spanish.

Here is a great article that could be used in many classes or with clubs.  What should I not do when visiting your country?

What to incorporate World Cup into your curriculum.  Here is World Cup for Kids – Mexico Profile.  Lots of ideas and info at Kid World Citizen.

Germany’s 50 Most Valuable Brands.  Interesting article from The Local – Germany’s News in English.

Check out the 40 Question list to help students reflect on their progress, goals and more.  (Thanks CSC).

Don’t have a professional summer slide.  This blog post suggest things you can do to refresh, renew and recharge.

Here is a Freebie for Elementary Spanish Teachers . . . Mi libro de verano. 

I am going to show this short video to some of my classes when they complain about “what they do not have” ;  “what is not quite going their way” or “their cell phone isn’t getting good reception.”    This one-minute video consists of people in the Third World reading tweets that were labeled with the hashtag #FirstWorldProblems.

Definitely check out the Spanish E-Portfolio shared by Central States Conference and Laura Sexton

Every Language Teacher’s Biggest Mistake is a great blog post – especially as we finish up the academic year.  Be sure to read it!

This is a great blog posting entitled Going for a Song!  The  “Song of the Week” Activity at Language Sensei.  How do you use songs in your class?

Love Technology?  Then you MUST check out The Epic BYOD Toolchest (51 Tools You Can Use Now). 

Hey if you use Poll Everywhere you might want to know about a new feature – Clickable Image Polls.

5 Ways Learning a Language Makes You a Smarter Traveler.  This blog post might be fun to share with students.

Hey elementary teachers . . .These Ideas for Spanish Activities:  Friday Five from Spanish Playground (suggested by  Nancy Mangari) are great!

These European Word Origin Maps Are Fascinating.  Take some time and explore these!

What Language Does Your State Speak?  Check out these language maps!

How To Name Animals in German.  Thanks AATG for letting us know about this.

Coloring pages with maps.  Great for language classes.  Browse through and see which ones apply to your language.

Do Morals Shift When We Use a Foreign Language? is a very interesting article about recent research in this area.  “People are less afraid of losses, more willing to take risks, and much less emotionally connected when thinking in a foreign language,” says Boaz Keysar.

38 Wonderful Foreign Words We Could Use In English  What do you think?

Colleague Amy Lenord has a great blog article entitled Facilitating Class Discussions for Novices.  Thanks for these great ideas!

This is fascinating – A Week Worth of Groceries Around the World.  What a great ” global lens”  resource this could be in your classes.

Calling all book lovers!  Check out Twelve German Libraries That Will Make Bookworms Drool.  Truly amazing.

Five Tips for Overcoming the Language Learning Plateau.  Check out these neat ideas!

School Lunches from Around the World.  I think I am going to use this tomorrow in class as we are doing a unit on Foods and Nutrition.

Definitely read this blog post by Carrie Toth , CSCTFL 2014 Teacher of the Year.  It is entitled Alternatives to the Traditional Final Exam No Matter What You Teach!

12 Spanish Teacher Blogs You Don’t Want to Miss.  Read all about them!

French Teachers . . . check out this site which features Today’s French Singers and French Songs. 

This blog post by Language Sensei has some great tips on Improving Feedback for Students: Colors, Consistency, Corrections. 

Check out this great Tech list put together by Nicole Naditz and Yo Azama.  Again thanks for CSCTFL for pointing this out to us!

Here is a page with some teaching ideas for German.

Here is another great List of Resources for German Teachers.  Thanks to Madame Shackelford!

This blog post on the power of film as an authentic resource and its potential when used well!  Film:  The Power of Video Authres.

I just love this graphic of Tipos de Zapatos.

Great section entitled The Benefits of Biligualism in this article entitled John Stanford’s Success Metrics.

Here is another great article about the Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language.

Check out the feedback rubric –  RubriQuick – Writing shared by Amy Lenord.

Learning a Language is For Life Not Just for Business is a great article from Forbes magazine.

Here is a great slide program/presentation about Best Practices K-12 World Language Teaching.  Although it has specifics for Ohio teachers there is some excellent information for MaFLA members.  It looks like they also are determining measures of student growth – like our DDMs.  Thanks to CSCTFL for this!

How to Toast in 18 Languages!  Thanks to CSCTFL for posting this!

This blog post by Carrie Toth, the CSCTFL Teacher of the Year 2014, about Interpersonal Speaking Through Art is a definite read!

Check out the article Sound Bites for Better Teaching . . . Is this going to be on the test, by Marcel LaVergne.  This article appears in the NCLRC Language Resource, March/April edition.

Los Tres Campeones:  Un Cuento para practicar los verbos de cambio raíz en el pretérito.  Free PowerPoint, PDF Worksheet & Answer Key, and a YouTube video reading.  By www.estudiafeliz.

Don’t miss out on this Webinar – sponsored by LARC – Language Acquisition Resource Center.  It will feature How do we assess task based performance.  Register here for this April 3 webinar.

Hey Elementary Teachers!  How to Make a Pollito Using a Plastic Egg from Fun for Spanish Teachers.

The CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition) Virtual Assessment Center (VAC) has been expanded and updated.  The VAC is an excellent resource for developing assessments.  Definitely visit the site by clicking here!  

ATTENTION!!  ATTENTION!  Why Learning a New Language Rocks!  A FREE poster . . . YES FREE!  It is a download on the We are Teachers site and sponsored by Middlebury Interactive Languages.  It will be on my classroom wall tomorrow!

With students signing up for next year’s courses and parents visiting schools for transition nights, it is an ideal time to advocate for foreign languages.  This is a great resource – Why It’s Time To Learn Another Language.  Communicate and Inform about the Advantages of Second Language Study!

With the Common Core emphasis on reading and the shift to informational text, we are all concentrating a bit more on Reading in the Classroom. This blog post Reading in the Target Language . . . What helps them “get it.”  by Language Sensei has some interesting thoughts on this practice.

German Teachers – Check out this page on 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn German Language – at the Studying in Germany site.  Lots of information to advocate for your program – especially now that students are signing up for classes for next year!

Hey Guess What I Just Found?  There is a great article with audio and video about teaching Ordinal Numbers in Spanish at Spanish Learning Lab.  I will be teaching these in the next few weeks!  Love to find resources to support my teaching and my students!

Carnaval – as celebrated around the world.  Check out this article which was shared by Central States Conference.

Incorporate some Music Activities into your Foreign Language Week Celebration.  Here is a great blog entry at Calico Spanish. . . 7 Best Ways to Use Music in World Language Classrooms.  I just taught my students about the Bachata and they learned how to dance a Bachata.  Did they all love it?  I am not quite convinced the boys were excited about it but guess what . . . they all had some of the songs (in Spanish, of course) on their iPods the next day!  SUCCESS!!

Check out Lights, Camera, Emotion on the Creative Language Class Blog.  This blog entry provides some great ideas and organizers for student skits in the classroom.  Why not have the students prepare some skits for Foreign Language Week?

School Lunch Around the World is an interesting infographic at Nourish Interactive.  This is a great resource for talking about global issues and perspectives during foreign language week.

What are the Hardest Languages to Learn (for English speakers) is an interesting infographic that could be incorporated into a foreign language week discussion.  Click on the smaller image to make it larger!

Here is a great informative page 50 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Languages   on Edudemic.  There are some great facts you can incorporate into your activities during Foreign Language Week.  Here is just one . . . There are 12 imaginary languages in Lord of the Rings!

Check out Foreign Language Acquisition By The Numbers (an infographic) on Larry Ferlazzo’s blog.  Some interesting statistics are included that YOU can use to promote language study.

This blog post by Calico Spanish is definitely worth reading.  Click on the title to read
A Rainbow of Diversity:  Diverse Methods and Styles in World Language Teaching. 

Want to hear animals in different languages.  Check out Voces de Animales en Diferentes Lenguas.  You can listen to various animales in many languages – French, Japanese, German, Spanish, etc.

Looking for some games to play with your students.  Check out these 17 Fun Games to Play in Spanish Class at Fun for Spanish Teachers.  Again, thanks to Nancy Mangari for sharing this.

Want a neat game for beginners to advanced?  Check out this Spanish Online Game for Kids – La Rueda del Saber which was recently featured on Spanish Playground.

Planning to have international visitors in your classroom during Foreign Language Week?  Check out this great resource Interview Questions for International Classroom Visitors from Kid World Citizen.

Destination Germany is a 10 minute video (in English) about Germany (cities, landscapes, cultural gems, etc.)  Thanks CSCTFL for this tip!

5 Reasons Why Language Learners Should Acquire More Vocabulary is an interesting post at Transparent Language.

Did you know – There are 21 counties in America were German is still spoken actively?  Read the article.  Very interesting.

Check out The Creative Language Classroom and the post on Speed Dating is a Perfect Activity for Valentine’s Day.  Well my school will not be in session for Valentine’s day as we have a professional day but I can see a great deal of potential for this type of activity . . . even beyond Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day All Over The Big World on thebigwordblog.

Thanks for Central States Conference (CSC) for making me aware of this great post on Edutopia.  10 Social Media Tips for Reaching World Language Learners has some great suggestions and ideas.

Spanish Valentine Song by Mariana Iranzi at Spanish Playground.  I am sure we all could find some way to use this in our classrooms!

Conversations avec les olympiens canadiens is a resource you might want to consider as we are watching the Olympic Games in Sochi!

How to say I Love You in 125 different languages.



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