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Can you distinguish between and among languages.  Check out The Great Language Game.  I have to admit that I have already played it a few times.  How about incorporating this during foreign language week?

Think about what you could do with the website (Festisite Text Layout) where you can type in text and turn it into a shape – such as a heart.  Perhaps you could have the students write the words for things that they love and allow each to make a personalized graphic.  Then they would talk about their graphic with partners.

Wow, I feel like I hit the lottery.  Check out Celebrate Languages with tons of free resources for language teachers and learners.  HOORAY!

Just found out about the Language Hacking Guide  by Benny Lewis.   Definitely worth reading!

Check out this Pinterest Board by CSC (Central States Conference) with Infographics in Many Languages. 

Here is another Spanish Valentine Activity with Hidden Hearts Printable from Spanish Playground.  Thanks Nancy Mangari for noting this resource!

French teachers. . . here are some conjugation games.  Start with  L’escargot du futur and scroll down for others!

This is a gem I just saw on Pinterest.  Ricky Ricardo tells Bedtime Stories in Spanish/Spanglish to little Ricky.  It definitely highlights the use of the past tenses.

Thanks Nancy Mangari for passing long this site at Spanglish House – Olimpiadas de Invierno – Sochi 2014

Here is a resource I found on Les jeux olympiques des enfants (Dossier thématique).  It looks like there are some good ideas here from CPA La Trottinette Carottée.  Let us know!

Looking for some ideas for Valentine’s Day?  Check out Debbie’s Spanish Learning Blog post on Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

How about How to Sneeze in Ten Languages by James Chapman.  Interesting?

Celebrating Spring Festival in China provided by Multicultural Kids Blog!

Here is some Vocabulario para El Día de San Valentín at Woodward Spanish.

Here are some Frases para El Día de San Valentín.

Check out this Cours de français Glog.  Lots of resources

French teachers might want to check out this blog post Un voyage virtuel à Paris – An authentic task with authentic resources.  

13 Words of the Year from Other Countries is a rather intriguing and informative article.

MaFLA friend Amanda Robustelli-Price has shared her blog post on Five Solutions for Online Translators in the World Language Classroom.  Wow, did I ever need that.  I just had a level 2 student write a few sentences using the imperfect subjunctive.  I guess he was quite advanced for a level 2 student (NOT).  Thanks Amanda.

Just IN!  Les XXIIes Jeux Olympiques d’hiver site – Plan now to incorporate the Winter Olympics into your lessons.

Hey, have you seen Larry Ferlazzo’s Infographics About the World’s Different Cultures. Might be something interesting for all students as we approach our celebration of Foreign Language Week.

This site is very interesting as it deals with 40 Things You Need to Know About French Taboos!

Do not miss this article on Using Film Clips to Promote Listening and Cultural Proficiency – from the Nov/Dec NCLRC Language Resource

This website – If it were My Home – is fascinating.  Might be something you could use during foreign language week to involve other departments.

Definitely get inspired with idea #25 from the Creative Language Classroom – Phrase of the Week Helps Interpersonal Skills 

Check out the latest reading on Veinte Mundos – Acensorista Un Oficio que Se Resiste a Desaparecer.

French Teachers – check out Les Chats Ninja.  Also how about this song La Liste by Rose, an upcoming French singer-songwriter, who chose her artistic name after a film, The Rose, based loosely on the life of Janis Joplin.

Spanish Teachers – check out these ideas for Poetry in the Classroom – National Poetry Month in April but you can start planning now.

Looking for some professional development this summer.  See what The Center for Advanced Research on Language Education (CARLA) offers in its Summer Institutes.

15 Chinese New Year Crafts: Pre-School through Elementary is resource that has been suggested by Nancy Mangari, former MaFLA President.  Thanks Nancy!

This article entitled Raising Trilingual Children?  An Interview Not to Miss!  is a must read! Be sure to check it out.

Colors!  Colors!  Colors! You definitely need to see Alan S. Kennedy’s Color/Language Project – Did that get your attention?  It is color idioms in different languages.  Fascinating!

Chinese Teachers – here is something for you –  Scenes from a Chinese Restaurant.  Let us know how you are using it!

Just came upon this real gem – bookboxinc – which has books for children in a variety of languages – French, Spanish, Mandarin etc.

Don’t miss out on this Student Resolutions Worksheet in Spanish.

Ten Ways to Celebrate New Year like a German.  Let us know what you think!

10 résolutions pour la nouvelle année – le futur – An activity ready to go for the New Year.

Check out Ohio’s ongoing lists of authentic resources for world language teachers (including Arabic, ASL, Chinese, French, German, Latin and Greek, and Spanish.) Lists are formatted to reflect the AP themes.  Click here and don’t miss out!

I just learned of this site with News in Slow Spanish.  Let me know how you are going to use this resource!

German Teachers – an Infographic on the German Language.

French Teachers – check out this blog for Chansons pour étudier le françcais!  Tell us how you are using it!

Click here for a great set of flashcards to teach weather in any language.

 40 Ways to say Buen Trabajo!

Here is una lectura para el 6 de enero – Día de Reyes. 

Definitely check out these Pinterest Boards – Holidays, Traditions and Celebrations Around the World –  from Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

French Teachers – You might want to see 25  petits jeux de Noël à télécharger.

MaFLA friend and member George Watson Lopez recommends this video  – Feliz Navidad Nivel A2– if you wish to teach about holiday traditions in Spain.

6 Ways to Motivate Your Students in the Foreign Language Classroom on the Lingua Garden site has some excellent tips.  Don’t miss this great article.

Great information about the Best Christmas Markets in France – Les meilleurs marchés de Noël de France.   Let us know how you are using this authentic resource in your class?

Y tú, ¿Crees en los Reyes Magos? is a great article with Multimedia on the Veinte Mundos site.

México Desconocido has an interesting article about Juan Diego y las apariciones de la Virgen de Guadalupe.

Definitely visit Trabandolenguas to see the neat activities on La Familia.

Check out this Lettre au Père Noël  Let us know how you use this in your class!

Chinese teachers should check out Gateway to Chinese, Multimedia Learning Materials for Learning Chinese at COERLL (Center for Open Educational Resources for Language Learning).  Let us know what you find!

Sign up for the upcoming webinar with Dr. John Reed which will be presented on February 19, 2014.  Sign up on the LARC website.

Do you know about Vaullt –  Video Assistance for Understanding Language Teaching Techniques?  It is a collection of original videos highlighting various aspects of language teaching in the classroom.  Each short video is accompanied by supplementary information (in a PDF) explaining the techniques and relating them to best practices in language teaching.  This was a project by Michigan State University’s Center for Language Education and Resarch (CLEAR).

Proficiency:  What is it and How We Get There is an interesting article by Sheila W. Cockey, editor of the NCLRC Language Resource.  How do you move your students along the Proficiency Continuum?  Let us know!

Check out these 10 Cultural Games to Play in Spanish Class from the Fun for Spanish Teachers Blog. Thanks Nancy Mangari for pointing this out to us!.

This is one of my favorites for Halloween/El Día de los Muertos.  Sing with Los Esqueletos!  Just saw that it is available in French – La chanson des squelettes.  HAVE FUN!

El Día de los Muertos from México Desconocido is filled with great information.  Check it out!  Let us know how you use it!

Get ready for Halloween.  Check out the Spanish Jokes for Children – Halloween thanks to Spanish Playground.

French Teachers  – check out this Symbaloo C’est l’Halloween page by Audrey Misiano.  Lots of good stuff.

I just learned of this great website with Listening Activities for Spanish.  Why don’t you try out Spanish Listening by clicking here!

French Teachers . . . here is a site for you.  Stories in French at Conte Moi la lecture!

This site has tons of  Infografías en castellano.  Let us know how you are using them!

Here is another site – Culture Française for French Teachers.  The author Vanessa George Barraud says it is a cultural site with articles for students from complete beginner to advanced.

Spanish Teachers – Check out Revista Trabalenguas – An Audio magazine for students of Spanish as a second language.  Lots of resources.

Coloring Page for French – Including La tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, Le grand café and Les bouquines and many more.  Check it out.  A great cultural resource.

A great site with useful Infographics in Spanish.  Check it out and let us know how you are using them.

Visuals for Foreign Language Instruction is a great resource for visual prompts to use in your language lessons.

Over 1,000 German lessons and exercises.  Check them out here!

Some authentic resources on La rentrée des classes.  Great for an interpretive activity.

Teaching about Tapas?  Then check out this resource – Nos Vamos de Tapas!

Looking for some teaching ideas for Valentine’s Day.  Check out the Creative Classroom Blog.  You are sure to find something!

Check out some Zachary Jones resources for Valentine’s Day.

Here is a neat resource – T-Rex intentando . . . enseñarnos la diferencia entre jugar y tocar –  from our friend Zachary Jones.  It is T-Rex playing games and playing instruments and can be used to contrast jugar and tocar.

Here is an interactive website to explore Jewish Heritage in Spain.

Here is a site with a listing of French Language SitesGerman Language SitesItalian Language Sites and Spanish Language Sites.

Common Core Puzzling You?  Then check out these two articles – Language or Languages at the Core by Tara Williams Fortune, Ph.D. and Languages at the Core:  Alignment of Common Core and Standards for Language Learning by Paul Sandrock.  Both can be found here at  NCLRC. 

Teach your students about Red Devils or Diablos Rojos, the nickname for public buses in Panama City. Find out why they have that name and discover what it is like to travel in them every day.  Here is the article and accompanying multimedia Cuidado con los Diablos Rojos.  Thanks Veinto Mundos for these great resources!

French teachers should check out Bonjour de France – a cyber-magazine with exercises, tests and games.

A Facebook Page has been started for German learners and teachers.  Be sure to check it out here.

How about this for your Technology aficionados.  Here is an article about Turning Pictures into Stories using Fotobabble. 

Memes en español is a new website where the ACTFL Teacher of the Year Noah Geisel
collects memes, posters and other artifacts of interest.  Click here to learn more about it!

French Teachers – Check out this 3D – Interactive Version of Versailles!  Let us know how you are going to use it in your classroom.

Spanish Teachers – Here is an article and multimedia on Inca Kola – El Sabor del Perú.  Great for teaching culture!

Here is another great site recommended by Toni Thiesen for you French Teachers – Fiches pédagogiques FLE gratuites

Spanish Teachers . . . Here is a great site for you.  Spanish Playground – Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children.  Lots of good resources.

French teachers . . . check out this site Les Africains de la Chanson Francophone.

This video in which PromPeru travels to Peru, Nebraska with Peruvian celebrities to show its citizens what it means to be Peruvian is a defninite Must SEE.  It will warm your heart to see two cultures coming together to learn about each other!

Here is another great resource for Spanish teachers.  Pre Uvas – El “Simulacro” de Año Nuevo at Veinte Mundos.  It includes audio, a reading for beginners and intemediate learners, and multimedia.  Don’t miss out on this one!

This is a definite must!  Speechy Project . . . A Pedagogical Approach to Technology in Language Teaching.

Check out this video in which a Ben Pauker, a student at George Washington University, talks about The Importance of Foreign Language Learning.  Share it with your students.

Here is something for German Teachers!  Herr Wallace’s website with great German learning and teaching materials.

French Teachers!  Here is something for you. . .  a supersite for Asterix. 

Just learned of this site in the UK with lots of materials for French, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin.  Check it out here.

Here is another multi-language collaborative site LanguageGuide.org which includes French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean and Russian.  Let us know how you will use it.

Check out Pa’que sepas a weekly culture and grammar show from Spanish Pod.

Here is a website with songs in French  – Boowa and Kwala – with words.  They are geared toward young children but I bet that older students would like them also.

Since we are at the beginning of the academic year, some of you may be teaching colors or reviewing them.  Here are three songs to teach/review colors thanks to Spanish Playground.

Hey, have you thoroughly checked out the Technology Integration Modules available at CARLA (Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition).  These are definitely worth exploring!

Do you find it challenging to integrate the Communities Strand of the FL Standards into your practice?  If so, then check out the July edition of the NCLRC Language Resource.  It has lots of information on this topic.

Hey Spanish Teachers!  Check out this article on Castellas: torres humanas de tradición y pasión at Veinte Mundos.  There is a reading, audio and video.  This is great for your classroom!

Are you a Latin Teacher?  Then let me know how you are going to use these Comics in Latin in your classroom.  Email me at ronie@mafla.org.

French Teachers!  We want to hear how you can use these Conversations mises à jour in your classroom?  Email me at ronie@mafla.org.

Visit Virtually the Frida Kahlo Museum (La Casa Azul).  This is amazing!  Frida is one of my favorite artists!

Don’t miss this HistoryChannel resource on Machu Picchu. 

Spend some time at Lang Media:  Culture Talk which provides materials in languages less-commonly offered by colleges and universities.

Check out this collection of comerciales en video by Emilia Carrillo.  It is a great resource.

Interested in the Tour de France?  Check out this CASLS site which has resources for both you and your students.

This LiveBinders page by Maureen Tumenas is filled with Tools for World Language Teachers.  Plan to spend a lot of time exploring.

Visit the World Language Café which provides teachers with a variety of examples of apps and websites that will inspire students to find themselves in another corner of the world, speaking other languages, experiencing new cultures and customs while still feeling at home in the comfort of their favorite teacher’s classroom.

Definitely check out this site MFL Sunderland.  It is a site created by MFL teachers for MFL teachers and is packed with over 4000 language resources.  Amazing work.

Do you need resources for Global and and Mobile Teaching?  Check out World Language Cafe.

Don’t miss out on Lookbook – a new activity to practice clothing vocabulary from Zachary Jones.

Need pictures to use a prompts for speaking.  Try pechaflickr.  Type in a tag (vocabulary) and 20 pictures will appear for 20 seconds.  You can change the time if needed.

Looking for foreign language rubrics?  Click here and check out this resource with numerous public foreign language rubrics.

Check out Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension.  This is a great resource for lesson planning and assessment.

Visit Wendy Brownell’s Wikispace for great resources for world language teachers.

This site has a phenomal list of animal sounds in many languages.  Definitely an interesting resource.  Visit it here.

Six points of advice on learning your next language from Middlebury language professors.  Great to share with your students.  Read the advice here.

French teachers!  Here is a podcast of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge. 

Check out the materials available from the NECTFL New Teacher Webinar.  Lots of goodies here.  Don’t miss out.

Here is a great link for information to offer during Foreign Language Week – About World Languages. 

MaFLA’s friend Zachary Jones has developed a webpage with more than 150 menus from Spanish speaking countries.  Definitely visit Plato del día and let us know how you are using this great resource.

This is a great resource for using Voice Thread as a Tool for Language Learning. Definitely explore this!

Check out the NEW ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for  Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading made interactive through the inclusion of glossed terms and multimedia exemplars. You can explore the Guidelines by skill or by level, listen to and read samples in English that represent abilities at each of the major proficiency levels.

Free Webinar on Assessing Listening in the world language classroom with Dr. Vandergrif on 2/23/12 at 2:30 PST.  Sign up at LARC (Language Acquisition Resource Center).

Don’t miss this interesting article and video on understanding Latino unpunctuatlity/concept of time on Veinte Mundos.

French teachers – check out Les activités de musique de nos BLOGS . . . music and exercises.

Looking for authentic images for your language class?  Check out LESCANT Photo Database from COERLL.
 The idea behind the LESCANT Photo Database is to give students experience in identifying and analyzing cultural differences that come up whenever they deal with people from other cultures. Student contributors add photos to the database (categorized by the LESCANT model topics) and then they include a brief analysis to describe the cultural features in the photo. In some cases this may be with the person who lives across the street, other times it will be related to those we encounter while traveling abroad. Visitors to the website can view the photos by topic, location, or author.

Check out and Explore the Best Educational Wikis of 2011.  There are a lot of apps which may be of interest and some resources for language teachers. 

¿Conoces “the real” taco mexicano?  Here you will find an article, and audio and video on how to make them.

French teachers!  Here is something for you –  Resources for French Class.  Don’t forget to let us know how YOU are using them.

Hey German teachers!  Check out this great resource page for materials.

Practicopedia is a great resource for authentic materials for teachers of Spanish.  Take some time and explore.  Let us know how you are using it.

This site has excellent images for mind maps of complex French grammar points.  Check it out here.

Do you know what Transliteracy is? If you don’t, or even if you do, you have to read this interesting post on the topic which includes some lessons incorporating this concept. This is a must read! Click here.

Check out this blog about Free Online Drawing Tools which you or your students might incorporate into lessons.

Hey check out Tagxedo, word clouds with styles. There are lots of ways to use it in the classroom. Don’t miss out. Click here.

If you missed the Webinar on Writing Assessment hosted by LARC and CALPER, you can still see it.  It has been recorded. The guest speaker was Dr. Sara Weigle. Click here to see the description of the Webinar and find the recorded resource.

Bitesize is a great resource for foreign languge materials. Check out the main page here. Here you can check out the Spanish topics. Here are the French topics. Here are the German topics.

Check out Developing Assessment Tasks: A Template – from The Language Resource.

This article – Listening: the starting point for successful language learning – from The Language Resource is relevant for all foreign language teachers. Check it out here.

Hey French Teachers. Check out Bonjour de France. Click here.

Another Great Resource for French Teachers. Civilisation français – created by Marie Ponterio.z

German Teachers might want to check out Cultural Interviews with German Speaking Professionals.

12 Ways to Use Twitter in Spanish Class. Click here.

Check out these láminas on many topics. I know I purchased many of these when I was in Mexico but now I can find them right on the web.  Click here to browse.

French Teachers – Check out this Petit Prince playlist.

Hey Teachers of Portuguese.  There is a Portuguese Language Wiki to Share Lessons and Ideas.  Why not join.  Just click here and see what is there.

Check out this article entitled Use Technology to Develop Global Competence at Asia Society. This definitely supports those 21st Century Skills.

I am currently focusing on better Integrating 21st Century Skills into my classes next year.  Check out this video on 21st Century Skills by Zachary Jones.  Here is another video on 21st Century Skills.   Click here to view a 21st Century Skills Map for World Languages.

Learn Any Language By Treating It As Music is a must read by Susanna Zaraysky.

Here are some great training videos on How to Use Vocaroo . . . the Simplest Way to do Online Recordings.  Very informative for Language Teachers.  Click here.

Get ready for back to school with some of these Free Spanish Items for the classroom. Click here.

Just saw the video which explain Creative Commons for us. I found it extremely informative. Check it out here.

Definitely download the Lesson Plan by our own Marcel LaVergne entitled America’s French Heritage Lesson Plan. Although this was developed for French, with some research it could easily be adapted for Spanish, German and Italian. Click here for the Lesson Plan available through NCLRC.

Did you know that you can get a free customized e-digest for language teachers each Monday morning in your mailbox? Intercom . . . Subscribe Here

Definitely check out this site for world language resources. Lots of interesting materials. Visit by clicking here.
This article is really helpful if you want to Connect Your Students with a Native Speaker. Definitely a must read if you are a techie or even if you are not. Click here to read Make the Connection by John Ross from the NCLRC May Newsletter.

This article The Power of Observations: What You Can Learn From Others is a great summer read. Definitely check it out. It appeared originally in the NCLRC May Newsletter.

This site is great for Spanish film/film clips. Even includes the script. Click here to visit.

Today I learned on Twitter about this great site – Traditional-songs. com. Go to the site and pick a continent. Then choose a country. There are lyrics and for some there are even MP3s.

Great source for authentic videos for Spanish lang learners. Once TV Mexico.

Practica Español is a great site with tons of resources for language learners.

Do you use Dice in your classes? Well check out these VIRTUAL DICE.

A great site for French vocabulary. Simply roll over the word and the word is pronounced.

This site has great entire Curriculum Units for teaching about Latin America. Click here and check it out!!

Hey French Teachers – Check out CultureBox – Let us know how you are using it. Click here to visit!

Want to find out how to Write Your Own Songs for Language Teachering. Check out this blog entry and get going with your own unique teaching songs.

Be sure to visit Audio Lingua for excellent short audio MP3s in seven languages.

Check out the article on Millenials Prove Themselves to the World and see what “Millenial Pedagogy” would look like. Als check out thte article on Testing the Millenials.

Calling all Language Teachers. Check out what is COERLL – Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning. COERLL is one of the newest Language Resource Centers. Go to the Main COERLL page and watch the great video entitled What COERLL offers. They have something for all languages! Don’t miss out. Click here to visit the home page of COERLL!

French Teachers – Check out Marcel LaVergne’s lesson plan for teachers of French, based on cultural comparisons from Adam Gopnick’s delightful book, Paris to the Moon. Available at Culture Club. Click here to view.

Hey Spanish, French and German Teachers check out these great resources for Authentic Audio – on the Language Teachers Collaborate (LTC) WikiSpace. Click here to find these great resources.

Check out LARC’s YouTube channel for resources in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and many other languages. This is definitely a great place to find some unique materials. Click here to go to LARC’s YouTube Channel.

Want to learn more about “Dynamic Assessment”? Then sign up for the free webinar “Foreign Language Classroom Assessment in Support of Teaching and Learning” presented by Dr. Matt Poehler, Penn State University. This Webinar is LARC/CALPER Assessment Webinar. Click here for more details and to register.

Don’t miss out on the Technology Integration Modules at CARLA! In these technology modules, the focus is on the “why?” and the “what for?” – specifically for using technology for language teaching. Click here to begin using the Modules!

21st Century Technology and 18th Century Techniques by John D. Ross is a must read. Check it out here!

I saw this at a workshop at ACTFL and just wanted to share it with my MaFLA colleagues. It always makes me smile. Don’t miss it. Click here.

Here is something for our Spanish teachers out there. Check out this site which hosts oral history vignettes with accompanying transcriptions which Karen Schairer has collected over the past 15 years from Spanish American and Spain. According to Karen the anecdotes will be updated frequently. Click here to view.

Hey French Teachers! Check out this Video on the French Revolution (“Bad Romance by Lady Gaga). It’s a must see. Hey Spanish Teachers! The Inquisition is going to be availalbe soon! They are editing it as we speak!

El Prado – Did you know that you can visit El Prado and its masterpieces in full screen and 3-D Reproduction using Google Earth. Click here to go to the link to learn more . . . It takes some time but it is very interesting. You can actually walk around the building and view it in 3D!

Did you know that there are Podcasts available for Free on Apple ITunes on El Museo Nacional del Prado? Just go to ITunes and search the Podcasts! You can hear a Podcast on Las Meninas in Spanish!

Here is something for you Spanish Teachers! This site is definitely worth your time to investigate. Lots of great resources and activities. Spanish.language&culture . . . with Barbara Kuczun Nelson.

Another resource for French Teachers. Eating out in Paris/Où est-ce qu’on mange? presented at Culture Club/NCLRC.

Here is another installment of Getting More From What You Have: Making Powerful Points – from the NCLRC Language Resource.

Have you checked out Curriki? Curriki’s mission is to provide free, high-quality curricula and education resources to teachers, students and parents around the world. Check out the World Languages Resources there!

Here is an interesting article about Trends in Teaching Pronunciation from the CLEAR News.

Hey Chinese Teachers. Have you heard about MyChina Village. This site provides a structured learning environment to practice the target language where they intereact with native speakers and other learners. Try it and let me know how it is – since I am a Spanish/French teacher. It sounds great to me. Give me feedback at ronie@mafla.org .

As we begin the new school year we are all thinking about “starting on the right foot.” Check out these Five Resolutions for starting a new semester.

Do you know about ANVILL – A National Virtual Language Lab? The Yamada Language Center and CASLS (Center for Applied Second Language Studies) created A National Virtual Languge Lab (ANVILL) to help alls schools access the power of online language tools. See more here . . .

Do you love Technology? Do you want to use more Technology in Your Classroom. Check out Getting More from What You Have: Productivity Tools – from the NCLRC Language Resource.

Don’t miss out on this article from the NCLRC Language Resource – Global Competence: Where Do World Languages Fit In?

Are you interested in using Technology in your classroom? Check out the Carla Technology Wiki.

French Teachers . . . Have you checked out français interactif?

Chinese Teachers may be interested in reading the Review of the film Da hong deng long gao gao gua (Raise the red lantern) ,1991. This movie is a good segue to a discussion on the importance and meanings of traditions and customs in Chinese culture

Although I no longer teach French – this particular article attracted my attention. Applying the Foreign Languages National Standards to Pas si fous, ces Français. I am first going to check out the Review of the book before I read the article. And Guess What? It is all written by a MaFLA member Marcel LaVergne, Ed.D.

Considering celebrating Cinco de mayo? Check out the article Cinco de mayo: To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate.

Don’t miss out on this great article about Concept Mapping – Getting More from What You Have: Concept Mapping

Italian Teachers might want to check out the series of lessons for teachers of Italian based on the book Le Stanze by Indro Montanelli . . .more

The March 2010 Culture Club has lots of interesting things! Check out The Role of the French in the American Revolution : Unlikely Allies: How a Merchant, a Playwright, and a Spy Saved the American Revolution by Marcel LaVergne a frequent writer in the MaFLA Newsletter or use the recipe for Mexican Hot Chocolate in your classes.

Scribbles is a program created especially for teachers of non-Roman script languages. With Scribbles, teachers can capture their handwriting using a pen-based hardware tablet or computer mouse. Students can then watch the sequence of strokes to learn how to correctly produce the character or word.

The NCLRC March Newsletter has a great article for those who want to integrate Technology into their FL classes. Check out – Getting More From What You Have – Digital Storytelling.

It’s that time of the year – Students are determining their schedules for the upcoming academic year. How about a unit of Careers in Foreign Languages? Give your students real-life examples of “what you can do with foreign language.” NCLRC provides great materials on the topic. Reporters ask professionals questions about their careers, their language background, and how knowing another language helped them to succeed. Don’t miss this great resource.

The Spring Issue of CLEAR News has an informative article about Planning a Language Festival. It is filled with great information! Don’t miss it!

Help your high school and college students learn French, Japanese, and Spanish through engaging social sciences topics. MOSAIC units, which are free and customizable, help create a more proficiency-oriented classroom

Don’t miss the National K-12 Foreign Language Survey . Read the Executive Summary and learn how the data can be used to help our country increase and improve language teaching over the next decade.

Attracting and Holding the Attention of Those Millenial Digital Natives is a great article from the NFLRC Resource

QuizBreak! is a highly flexible program that allows teachers to create fun Jeopardy©-like games for the foreign language class. It’s free on the CLEAR website.

Have you seen the Spanish Strategies Website developed by two undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin and one of the many resources offered at CARLA.

CLEAR News, Fall 2009 has an interesting article about Teaching Idioms.

Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon – Looking for some authentic images for language learning? Check out CAPL.

Interested in learning about Social Media tools such as blogging and YouTube in the foreign language classroom? Then check out the Social Media Webinars at LARC (Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University.

Why not have your students write a Cinquain during the next few weeks. Get info here!

Interested in improving your skills in assessment? Check out the Virtual Assessment Center at CARLA.

Culture Club has been one of my favorite resources since it was initiated. Don’t miss it!!