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Tips for Teachers

Here are some neat sites with great audio and video for class.
Spanish Listening Free MP3 videos

The fall conference yielded some great tech ideas to use right away.  Thanks to Catherine Ousselin for some great sites.  Here are a few that really excited workshop goers.

1. Kahoot is a free game based response system that allows students to play with any device that has a web browser. It is easy to use, motivating, and fun.

2. allows you to create trivia embedded into videos or search the numerous “trivs” that have already been created.

3. allows you to create various activities and assessments to track student progress on any device.

4. is a fun site that allows you to create your own wheel for games, review and more.  Use it for speaking prompts or vocabulary and grammar review.

Summer is a great time to play around with all those fun Apps you’ve been dying to try.  Here are some great ones to use in class this fall:

  • Looking for a different way to do speaking inside and outside of the classroom or spice up those nightly homework assignments?  Try these great Apps and websites.

1. Google Voice gives you a telephone number that isn’t attached to your personal number so that students may call and leave messages.  Create prompts based on the daily lesson and students will love the practice they get as they leave you messages.

2. Using Lingt Classroom allows you to create assignments that incorporate audio, video, written, and oral prompts.  Students may access these from home and easily email responses when finished.

3. Croak it is a free website/App that allows users to record 30 seconds of audio.  Students may then email the audio or copy and embed the link to another site.  Croak it describes the App as easy as “Push, speak, and share”.

4. 30 Hands is a great storytelling App that allows students to create stories and presentations using photos, drawings, and videos.  They may add images and slides, record audio, and save to their camera roll or send via email.

5. Students love Tellagami.  Using this free App, students create a virtual self and record audio.  Create a prompt or have the students tell you a story.  They will love watching their virtual self do the talking.

6. Students choose a photo and may record up to 10 sounds per photo using the Talking Pictures App.  Students easily draw a circle around the area of the picture they would like to activate with sound and when finished recording they send their work via email.