Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

MaFLA Strategic Plan 2014-2018

MaFLA will continue to provide numerous, high quality professional development opportunities to its members throughout the year.

  • MaFLA will continue to investigate increasing the number of professional development offerings related to Technology to provide our members and their students with essential 21stCentury Skills. MaFLA will also consider geographical balance as we schedule additional PD opportunities to meet our members’ needs.
  • MaFLA will investigate and evaluate the feasibility of offering on-line professional development opportunities.

MaFLA will advocate for strong foreign language programming and instruction in the state and provide resources for district and school level advocacy efforts.

  • MaFLA will maintain strong involvement and activity in other foreign language and global education endeavors such as NCSSFL, NADSFL, GEAC, DESE and MTEL.
  • MaFLA will maintain strong advocacy pages on the website, with regular updates on initiatives and news at the local, state and national levels, and with Advocacy tools for educators.
  • MaFLA will advance connections with state and national legislators through participation in JNCL-NCLIS, ACTFL and NECTFL.
  • MaFLA will investigate the steps and support needed to lobby for a Seal of Biliteracy for Massachusetts.

MaFLA will continue to provide varied and useful member services.

  • MaFLA will provide a strong Internet presence, including social media involvement (Twitter, Facebook, Constant Contact, Pinterest, etc.), and investigate ways to strengthen member participation in its social media.
  • MaFLA will investigate ways to strengthen member participation in its social media and will provide Web resources to members, including resources for teaching, including professional articles to inform instruction and incorporation into individual planning and practice.
  • MaFLA will investigate ways to increase member participation in member services, including contests, awards, resources and PD offerings.
  • MaFLA will foster/mentor new teachers by activities especially designed for them (recognition at the Conference, New Teacher Reception at the Summer Institute, others.)
  • MaFLA will encourage collegial connections of our members through such activities as regional swapshops, round tables, reading groups and Webinars, specifically to help members learn of our services and benefits, as well as ways to take advantage of our professional development events.