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FY2023: Proficiency-based Outcomes in Languages Other than English


At the beginning of March the Massaachusetts DESE released Modules 1, 2, and 3 of the Online Learning Modules to support workd language teachers, directors, coordinators, and supervisors to advance their understanding of the Massachusetts 2021 World Languages Curriculum Framwork. The moduels are asynchronous and can be complete independently or with a group/department.  Module 1 is about the Organiztion of the World Languages Framework: Overview of the Implementaion Series.  Module 2 incorporates The Framework through the Lens of Proficiencyand Module 3 treats the topic of The FRamework through the Lens of Equity.  The modules are very informaitonal and provide excellent resources. If you haven’t completed these yet, we recommend that you do.

On April 1 Modules 4, 5 and 6 were relased. Module is an Overview of Communication Standards and ACTFL Proficiency. Module 5 focuses on Interpersonal Communication Standards and Module presents Presentational Communication Standards.  Be sure to take advantage of these excellent resources.

The DESE is also offering Curriculum Alighment Lebs.  The first series was held in March but more are being scheduled for April.  Be sure to stay tuned for them and sign up to attend.  More inforamtion here.

World Languages Curriculum Alignment Lab #1

The first  round of World Language Curriculum Alignment Labs, part of the World Languages Framework Implementation Series, begin the week of March 28th. Labs are online and 90-minutes in length; they are organized into groups of elementary, classical, and secondary modern world language educators. Multiple sessions, before and after school hours, are available. We recommend that those who participate in this first round of labs (Curriculum Lab 1) complete the World Languages Implementation Modules 1-3 (available on the World Languages Implementation webpage) prior to attending the lab. The Department invites all world language educators and school/district curriculum leaders who will be part of the school or district’s World Languages Curriculum Alignment Team to register for a Curriculum Alignment Lab and to bring a unit from their current curriculum that they wish to align to the new standards. All implementation information, including registration links for the labs and access to the free, online Modules 1-3 are available on the World Languages Framework Implementation webpage. Curriculum Alignment Labs 2-5 will be held during the final weeks of April, May and October of 2022 and January 2023, respectively – exact times TBD. Each lab will be 90 minutes, and PDPs are available at the end of the series. Contact Andy McDonie at for more information.

World Languages Framework Implementation Series.

Implementation is Live!
The Office of Language Acquisition has launched the Implementation Series for the new Massachusetts World Languages Curriculum Framework. The first 3 modules introducing the framework our now available on our Implementation Webpage. We are pleased to invite you to complete these modules at your convenience or collaboratively in your world languages departments. Please visit the webpage to learn more about the Implementation Series, complete the modules, register for a Curriculum Alignment Lab, or download the Curriculum Alignment Guide.

Better Together
The World Languages Framework Implementation Series has been designed to be accessible to individual educators, but it is optimized for local, departmental collaboration. The entire series is designed to be implemented in fewer than 15 hours over the next 11 months. See our Message to School and District Leaders on the World Languages homepage for a more detailed schedule


The DESE's World Language Webpage has been updated to provide information about resources and opportunities made available throug the implementation. Be sure to visit the World Languages Webpage to stay abreast of the resources and opportunities such as the implementation series.

Also new on the DESE World Languages Curriculum Gramework page are some outstanding At A Grance publications.  There is Guiding Principles, Standards for Practice, Linguistic Components and level Specific Content Standards.  Don't miss out.  They are teacher friendly and such a great support.  To find theme click here.


Grants for Proficiency in Languages Other Than English

Good afternoon,
The Office of Language Acquisition is pleased to announce grant opportunities for supporting proficiency in languages other than English. The Department is providing $500,000 to support districts to encourage growth in languages other than English in the following goal areas:

  1. Collect high-quality data regarding student’s proficiency in languages other than English, and
  2. Provide high-quality, external professional development for dual language, heritage language, and world language departments to teach toward proficiency.

Districts may apply for funds under one or both of these goals. Funds must be disbursed and services must be received prior to 8/31/2022.

Please find more information and application materials here. Applications are due by 5:00 PM on December 15th, 2021. Please contact Diana Gentile at with any further questions. Thank you, and have a great weekend!


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