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Core Practices Institute2019 Core Practices Institute March 15-16, 2019Year Around Event (2019) EST

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Come strengthen the core of your teaching at the MaFLA Core Practices Institute! This two-day institute will deepen your understanding of core teaching practices essential for developing student proficiency in a communicative classroom. Teachers of all languages and levels — whether beginning teachers or seasoned experts — will want to attend. 15 PDPs available with an option for one graduate credit.

Directions and additional information for attendees HERE.

Choose from a combination of the following workshops to meet your needs. Our featured workshop presenters will be supported by facilitators to lead break-out time, where you can put your learning to work in a small group setting. You’ll leave with concrete material to bring back to your class on Monday! For details check out the  Core Practices Flyer 2019.

Featured Workshops

Leslie Grahn

Leslie Grahn has twenty-seven years of language teaching experience at the middle and high school levels and twelve years of experience at the central office level, most recently as Coordinator of World Languages for the Howard County Public School System in Maryland. Leslie has been a course instructor on foreign language teaching methods and differentiated instruction, and frequent presenter at state, regional, and national conferences, specializing in best practices, specifically hands-on, interactive strategies. Leslie is the co-author of The Keys to Strategies for Language Instruction and serves on the boards of MFLA, NECTFL, and NADSFL.

Using Authentic Resources to Teach Grammar as a Concept in Context
(Workshop A, Friday)

The “Core Practices for Language Learning” by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages (ACTFL) includes, “teach grammar as a concept and use in context.” In this workshop, we will explore routines and strategies for finding examples of grammar in context, processes and protocols that lead students to inductively analyze how language structures function, and ways to make grammar in context a natural part of learning content in the target language.

Tiering Tasks and Texts to Challenge All Learners
(Workshop B, Saturday)

In this workshop, we will explore how to adapt tasks for authentic texts to meet the needs of all learners across the proficiency continuum through tiering, providing scaffolding and support for struggling learners, and open-ended more challenging tasks for advanced learners. We will also explore how to tier text on the same themes and how to create generic tasks that span the tiers to challenge all learners.

Joshua Cabral

Joshua Cabral has a BA in French and an MA in Applied Linguistics, specializing in psycholinguistics and second language acquisition. He has been teaching French and Spanish at the elementary, middle and high school levels for 22 years and regularly presents workshops on language proficiency and cultural competence at state, regional, and national conferences. He also works with schools and districts as they work toward building proficiency-based language programs. Joshua is passionate about access to education in developing countries and works closely with schools in Haiti and Nicaragua where he often travels to work with teachers and students.

Beyond Language Exposure: Proficiency in the Elementary and Middle School Classroom
(Workshop C, Friday)

“Exposure to language” is often heard as the goal in elementary and middle school language classrooms. But we can foster proficiency from the start, regardless of the amount of time we have with students. Proficiency and acquisition are most productive and effective in a classroom community that makes learners feel safe, valued and successful. In this workshop, we will look at procedures, routines, and activities that provide a supportive classroom environment that focuses on authentic communication and increases proficiency. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a creativity lab (listed as a Break-Out session in the below schedule) where you’ll use the content from the workshop to develop activities to use in your class right away.


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Year Around Event (2019) EST


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