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MaFLA/ACTFL MOPI Training2020 MOPI Training May 31 - June 1, 2020Year Around Event (2020) EST

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Modified Oral Proficiency Interview (MOPI) Training

Looking to deepen your knowledge of proficiency levels and more accurately identify your students’ level of proficiency? Two strands, Spanish and All Languages, will be led by ACTFL certified trainers Adrian Massei (Spanish) and Cindy Martin (All Languages). A third, smaller, strand for graduates of the MOPI will extend your training to all levels of proficiency. This Advancement Strand is led by Monica Jacobe. Each strand will introduce basic elements of the Oral Proficiency Interview, extending your knowledge of the sub levels of proficiency. All attendees will watch several interviews and debrief on questioning strategies and topic development. Attendees who select the “interviewer” tier will have the opportunity to interview a Novice or Intermediate language learner as part of the training. The MOPI prides itself on its coaching format and therefore the strand sizes are very small.  Want to know more?  Click HERE.

M/OPI Registration is now open.  Click HERE to register.


Year Around Event (2020) EST


Medford High School

489 WInthrop Street

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