3-Hour Workshops - Sunday, October 24, 9:00 - 12:00 PM

Workshop 9 -  Creating Equitable Classrooms While Teaching Intercultural Citizenship

 Dorie Conlon Perugini


In addition to the language component of world language instruction, many language teachers are interested in making their classrooms places where students can develop intercultural competence and enact social justice. At the same time, teachers need to give careful consideration to how to ensure their content and teaching practices result in more equitable outcomes for all students. In this workshop the presenter will give an overview of the theoretical frameworks guiding teaching intercultural competence while demonstrating how to use culturally sustaining pedagogies to create equity within their classrooms. The presenter will bring examples from her own classroom translated into English as an example of how this can be done. Workshop participants will also be guided through a process of critical reflection so they can consider how to enhance one of their own units to incorporate these practices including learning to evaluate the resources they use for bias.

Perugini HS

Dorie Conlon Perugini is a world language educator, advocate, and consultant. She has been working as an elementary Spanish teacher in Glastonbury, Connecticut in grades 1-5 since 2006. She is a current Ph.D. student in Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies at the University of Connecticut where her studies focus on the development of Intercultural Competence through world language education. She has been involved in a variety of professional organizations including serving as the Executive Secretary for the National Network of Early Language learning for six years.

Workshop 10 - Planning With a Purpose, Bringing Order to Your Teacher Toolkit

Thomas Sauer


When schools develop new curricula, there are often gaps that exist between what is written and is needed to implement the new curricula, leaving teachers confused and frustrated before they have started planning a single lesson. In this workshop, participants will learn how to deconstruct unit can-do statements into logically sequenced chunks for daily lessons. Participants will review several examples and will develop a series of learning targets and activities that move students from input to output incorporating frequent checks for learning designed to provide feedback for the learner and teacher.

Sauer T

Thomas Sauer, an Educational Entrepreneur, is a visionary thinker, designer and change facilitator, and Director of Design and Communication for AdvanceLearning, a newly found non-profit organization focused on identifying teacher effectiveness in non-core subject areas and empowering educators to become more effective. Previously, he served as World Language Specialist for school systems in major urban areas such as Louisville, Kentucky where Thomas was instrumental in guiding teachers to design units of study learning resources and implement articulated proficiency-based programs and assessments. Other professional experiences include teaching German at the University of Kentucky, Georgetown College, and the Kentucky Institute for International Studies and through a nationally distributed distance learning series at Kentucky Educational Television.