Pre-Conference Workshops
Thursday, October 24, 2024

Can’t get enough MAFLA or PD? Join us a day early for our Pre-Conference Workshops

Check out these great workshops presented by nationally recognized experts in the field.

Workshops #1-3 are Thursday October 24th from 9AM to 3PM (lunch included)
Workshop #4 is Thursday October 24th from 4PM to 8PM (dinner included)

Workshop 1 - Create Focus and Make Your Curriculum Memorable with Laura Terrill

Too much content to cover? Get clear on what matters by getting rid of everything else. Design memorable learning experiences by working with a theme and topic that is relevant and of interest to learners. Establish clarity and purpose for learning with an essential question and clear goals aligned with assessments that allow learners to demonstrate how well they have met unit goals.  Design learning experiences that allow students to learn more about themselves, their communities, and the world they live in. Work collaboratively with other participants to design a new unit or tweak components of current units.


Workshop 2 - Performance to Proficiency  with Tim Eagan & Nicole Sherf

Part 1: Practices to Strengthen Performances

Our main goal each day with our students is to practice the performance tasks that address the Can-Do statements of each unit.  This workshop will overview task and assessment design, needed supports, and the varied forms of feedback needed to strengthen student results.  Bring a device.

Part 2: Strengthening Departmental Proficiency Outcomes

Building proficiency over time is our primary goal in this exciting new era of the Seal of Biliteracy! Components of this departmental oversight include setting targets, implementing a system of benchmark proficiency testing, data analysis, and focusing on areas of programmatic need. This workshop will address these topics with the understanding that each district is coming at the process from a different place. Our ultimate goal is to motivate students and increase enrollment. Bring a device.

Workshop #3: Teaching All Learners with Charlotte Gifford and Bárbara Barnett

Part 1: Teaching All Learners: Helping Our Students Learn to Grow

Wherever our learners are on the path to proficiency, each one can grow from their individual starting point. For students to persist and succeed in language study, they need a growth mindset to stretch for the next proficiency level. We can support learners at all points on the proficiency scale in this attitude shift through explicit instruction on how to level up, feedback on performance with clear next steps, habits and tips for successful language learners, and transparent assignments and assessments. Learn to foster this attitude and build students’ agency in their own learning.

Part 2: "Keys to Inclusive Language Learning: Unlocking All Voices"

Grab your metaphorical keyring and join us for a transformative three-hour workshop that will unlock the secrets to inclusive language learning! In "Keys to Inclusive Language Learning: Unlocking All Voices," we will turn the traditional keyhole of language education on its head, discovering new ways to open doors for every learner.
Let’s dive deep into the treasure trove of diversity, equity, and inclusivity, exploring whose voices are missing, whose perspectives we lack, and how we can craft keys to unlock the potential of all learners. Through interactive discussions, reflective activities, and collaborative exercises, you will embark on a journey of discovery, uncovering hidden pathways to inclusive language education.

Workshop #4: Empowering Heritage Languages: Integrating AI and Technology in Language Education with Celia Zamora

This workshop offers educators a unique opportunity to blend the empowerment of heritage language (HL) speakers with the innovative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and technology in language learning. Designed for those committed to enhancing the cultural and linguistic connections of HL learners, the program is divided into two engaging segments.

Empowering Heritage Language Speakers: Initially, we'll focus on the distinct challenges and needs of HL speakers, sharing strategies to foster inclusive environments that celebrate cultural heritage and boost language proficiency. Participants will engage in interactive discussions and analyze case studies to learn effective empowerment techniques.

Integrating Technology in HL Education: The latter part introduces the latest AI tools and technological applications in education, demonstrating their role in supporting and advancing HL teaching. Educators will explore digital resources and engage in practical activities to see how technology can make language learning more accessible and engaging.

Concluding the workshop, participants will be equipped with the insights and tools to empower HL speakers and integrate technology into their teaching, enriching the language learning experience for students.