MaFLA Core Practices

Core Practices 2023

Join us for 1 or 2 days of strengthening your understanding of ACTFL's Core Practices

March 10 and 11, 2023
8:00 - 4:30
Location:  Boston University, 685 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
Registration will open in early January


Featured Workshops


Friday, March 10 (8:00 - 4:30)
Option A:  It's Not This or That:  Grammar Acquisition in the Contemporary Language Classroom with Greta Lundgaard
What is the purpose of grammar?  To guide the structure of sentences and paragraphs so that a writer or speaker’s words are meaningful and can be understood by others.  When teachers view grammar as a set of guiding principles to be studied, explored, examined, and practiced, rather than rules to be memorized, then grammar evolves into a tool that learners use to create meaningful and understandable communication.  And when teachers adopt that view,  grammar instruction evolves as well.  Join us as we explore what ‘grammar in context’ looks like and how to operationalize it in the world language classroom.


Option B:  Language Learning is for Everyone!  Building a Toolkit for Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in World Language Classrooms with Danja Mahoney
Can every student succeed in World Language class? Are there students whose disability prevents them from learning a language? The research indicates that students with disabilities succeed when their language teacher builds engagement and provides the necessary support to help students access learning. But how do teachers learn those practices? Using principles of backward design, Universal Design for Learning and strategies for supporting executive function and language-based learning disabilities, teachers will build a toolkit of effective accommodations and modifications to support all students in their language classes. Collaborate with language colleagues in understanding the research foundations, developing practices, and advocating for all of your students to succeed.


Saturday, March 11 (8:00 - 4:30)
Option C  Harness the Power of Input to Fuel Output with Greta Lundgaard
We hold these things to be true:  Knowing vocabulary is a key to comprehension and understanding, and the capability to use a rich collection of vocabulary is essential for students to move from novice to intermediate and beyond.  Enabling learners to move from knowing vocabulary to using vocabulary to communicate is a key step in the proficiency journey.  By blurring the line between input and guided processing and practice, teachers can support and reinforce their learners as they test and refine their abilities to interact and share information in the target language.   What can happen when we release control of the vocabulary list?  Join this learning collaboration and experience what is possible.



Parking is available for $15 a day. You will park across the street at the Warren Tower and have access to the garage all day. You MUST pre-pay for your parking with your registration. We will not be able to accommodate parking passes once registration has closed. Public transportation is available and there are other garages in the area available for purchase as well.
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15 PDPs available or 1 graduate credit option through Westfield State University

PLEASE NOTE:  To receive Graduate Credit you MUST ATTEND both days of the Institute!