OPI Familiarization Workshop

May 14-26, 2022
Registration:  March 15 to April 15 (participants will  ONLY be able to register  during this time)

The OPI Familiarization workshop provides a thorough overview of the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines for speaking, the Oral Proficiency Interview, the Rating Scale, and ways to incorporate knowledge of proficiency levels into your classroom activities. Modified from the traditional in-person workshop, this asynchronous workshop consists of 4 modules including presentations by ACTFL staff, examples of ACTFL OPIs conducted by ACTFL certified testers, and activities with checks for learning that will solidify your understanding of each major proficiency level. Participants will hear samples at each proficiency level and discuss the implications for the classroom. Workshop materials are provided electronically. In addition to the asynchronous elements provided by ACTFL, there will be two optional meet ups with a MOPI-certified tester.

For more information on the OPI click here

Cost :  $95
Participants:  Cap 20
12 PDPs available upon completion