Spotlight on the remote / hybrid classroom, 3 webinars in a series on the everyday experience of World Language teaching in 2021

The global pandemic has brought unique challenges to students, families, and educators. As world language educators have adapted our practices to include students learning from home, we have reassessed what we teach and how we teach it. Motivation, independence, differentiation, equity, and sustainability are more valuable than ever.

Join us for our new  2021 webinar series " Spotlight on the Remote / Hybrid Classroom," which highlights essential practices in our new contexts that will carry over to fully in class learning, as well.

These webinars are free to all! We encourage your membership in MaFLA to help support the ongoing resources we provide.

1. Assessment during the pandemic: an opportunity to re-define what we value
Wednesday, January 13, 7pm

Presenter: Tim Eagan, Department Head Grades 6-12 Classical & Modern Languages

Remote and hybrid teaching have shed a spotlight on many issues with assessment and grading, especially on academic integrity. The current context provides an opportunity to redefine how, why and what we assess and grade. In this webinar, we will review some basic assessment literacy concepts, discuss ways to address academic integrity with students, and consider how teachers can mitigate challenges with academic integrity. 

Slides from this presentation are available HERE.

2a.  The Thing-a-ma-bob that does the job: Rubrics
Wednesday, February 24, 7pm

Presenter:  Béckie Bray Rankin, World Language Teacher, Lexington High School

Are your rubrics learning guides and feedback tools that save you time and energy? Adventure through places in your curriculum where rubrics become pathways for learning. Curate and manipulate paired tasks and rubrics that evaluate where your students are and point to where they can level up. Increase your effectiveness by selecting when and how to introduce learners to rubrics in your learn-practice-assess-reflect cycles.

2b.  Self  Care: CLEAR, ALIGN AND FLOW
Wednesday, February 24, 7:45PM

Presenter:  Mary Bashir, World Language Teacher, Needham High School, and fitness instructor

How can we take care of ourselves and others in and out of the classroom by:  clearing away the busy to make space for the meaningful and aligning our decisions and actions with our values?  We will explore “self-care” and mindfulness practices and plan future opportunities for connection.

3. High Leverage Teaching Strategies for Remote Learning Through an Equity Lens
Wednesday, March 10, 7pm

Julie Caldarone, Director of World Languages, Boston Public Schools
Akilah Cobham, BPS Lead Spanish Teacher

Every child is entitled to an equitable, world-class, high quality education. As educators, we must incorporate students' cultural knowledge and affirm students' cultural and racial identities into our lessons. This workshop will provide strategies for eliminating racial bias in the World Languages classroom by incorporating culturally and linguistically sustaining practices throughout our lessons. These practices will be modeled through a proficiency-based digital lesson example in 2 modes, Interpretive and Presentational.

Here is a link to the Playlist shared by our presenters.



World Language education is entering into a new era. As we leverage and develop our new practices, MaFLA plans to offer guidance and support through monthly free webinars. Please join us to learn, reflect, and collaborate.

We strive for webinars that are practical in a way that will add to our teaching tool box. The topics are current and the presenters are dynamic. We urge you to participate and be inspired in your language teaching.

World Language Curriculum through an Antiracist Lens:  Professional Development for Teachers and Administrators
December 9, 7PM (Wednesday)

After completing this webinar, participants will recognize the distinctions of educational equity (multiculturalism, social justice, cultural responsiveness) and elevate marginalized voices of their target cultures and apply an antiracist perspective to a world language lesson.

Jorge S. Allen, World Language Program Coordinator, Andover Public Schools
Adrianne Billingham Bock, Social Studies Program Coordinator, Andover Public Schools
Facilitator:  Bárbara Barnett, K-5 Department Head for World Language, Wellesley Public Schools


Into the Unknown: Remote and Hybrid Learning in Local Districts

We will hear from three panelists on their systems’ plans for re-opening and then there will be time for participant discussion. Be informed on the different models and learn the strategies for best practices in our new reality.

  • Rebecca Blouwolff, Middle School French Teacher, Wellesley Public Schools
  • Julie Caldarone, Director of World Languages, Boston Public Schools
  • Carlos-Luis Brown, Department Head, Wilmington Public Schools

An Equal World Language Classroom Is Just Not Enough - October 24, 10AM (Saturday)

In this webinar, we will explore practices that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will dive into the unlearning of some "best" practices that have unintentionally made our classrooms equal but inequitable learning places. Every student has the right to be seen and heard. Be ready to reflect and reflect again. Do all your students have access to the learning and experiences taking place in your classroom? Are you setting all of your students to be successful in their learning? Is your classroom a place where your students see themselves and are treated as individuals? Do your students gain the skills needed to improve the lived experiences of themselves and others? Let's discuss how to integrate social justice into your proficiency-oriented world language classroom!

Presenter:  Bárbara Barnett, K-5 Department Head for World Language, Wellesley Public Schools
Facilitator:  Vilma Bibeau, World Language Lead Teacher, Medford Public Schools

The Ethno/Euro Centric Impulse:   An Honest Conversation Around Power and Privilege in WL Curriculum  - November 4, 7PM (Wednesday)

This workshop is an attempt to remind our teachers when can we incorporate intersectional experiences in the target language. Authentic stories that are not always shown in our textbook. To challenge ourselves, as WL educators. To combat the stereotypes and assumptions from popular CI/TPRS books, and constantly find opportunities to combat the ethnocentrism and eurocentrism in our classroom these days. Ultimately, how do we create a safe and validating space, for helping our students, to develop empathy and better understanding of the underrepresented voices in WL instruction.

Presenter:  Abelardo Almazán Vázquez, Spanish Teacher, The Putney School, Vermont
Facilitator:  Mike Farkas, Spanish Teacher, Canton Public Schools


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