Core Virtual Practices Session 3 - April 17

Simple Ways to Stay in the Target Language . . . Virtually - by Caleb Howard

Effective Feedback Strategies in a Remote Learning Environment - by Timothy Eagan

Core Virtual Practices Session 2 - April 10

Let's take a step back(ward) - by Charlotte Gifford

Presentation on Intercultural Competence in Virtual Classrooms by Dorie Conlon Perugini & Andrea Amado

Text Chat Core Virtual Practices Session 2

Core Virtual Practices Session 1 - April 3

Going Virtual with Grammar in Context - Presentation by Mike Travers.

Let's Get Creative with the Interpersonal Mode - Presentation by Rebecca Blouwolff


Zoom Into Distance Learning With MaFLA 2

Here is the presentation  by Ann Kim Tenhor on Practicing with Pear Deck.

Presentation Keeping It Simple - This is NOT Business As Usual -Barbara Barnett

Google in a time of COVID-19 Presentation. - Carlos Brown


Zoom Into Distance Learning with MaFLA

Here is the presentation on Using Zoom by Catherine Ritz

Here is the presentation on Using Edpuzzle by Kathy Turner

Here is the Zoom Into Distance Chat Log of March 20