Model Assessments


MaFLA worked in collaboration with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to develop model Assessments to support world language programming across the state. Below, you’ll find assessments focused on the three modes of communication (Interpretive, Interpersonal, Presentational) and the four skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing), as well as model assessments for Classical languages.

Model assessments provided by Jorge Allen of Andover Public Schools.

Assessment Overview

Model assessments provided by Tim Eagan of Wellesley Public Schools.

Writing assessments across levels

Classical Languages

Model assessments provided by Leanne Villani of Pentucket Public Schools.

Latin 5 Assessment

Latin 3 Assessment

External Assessments

While MaFLA does not endorse the following assessments, districts looking for external assessment measures of proficiency may want to investigate the following:

STAMP Proficiency Assessment

AAPPL Proficiency Assessment

ALIRA Latin Reading Proficiency Assessment