Professional Organizations

Professional Organizations

ACTFL  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

AATF  American Association of Teachers of French

AATG American Association of Teachers of German

AATSP American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese

AATA American Association of Teachers of Arabic

AATI American Association of Teachers of Italian

AATSEEL American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages

ACL American Classical League

AATJ  The Association of Teachers of Japanese

CLASS  Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools  

CLTA  Chinese Language Teachers Association

JNCL Joint National Committee for Languages

MLA  Modern Language Association of America

NADSFL  National Association of District Supervisors of Foreign Languages

NCLIS National Council for Languages and International Studies

NCSSFL National Council of State Supervisors for Languages

NNELL  National Network for Early Language Learning

NECTFL Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

CANE Classical Association of New England

CSCTFL Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

SCOLT Southern Conference on Language Teaching

SWCOLT Southwest Conference on Language Teaching

PNCFL Pacific Northwest Council For Languages

EMFLA Eastern Massachusetts Foreign Language Administrators

AATG AATG Mass Chapter

AATSP AATSP Mass Bay Chapter

AWLA Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers

AFLA Alaskans for Language Acquisition

AFLTA Arkansas Foreign Language Teachers Association

AZLA The Arizona Language Association

CCFLT  Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers

CT COLT  Connecticut Council Of Language Teachers

CLTA  California Language Teachers’ Association

COFLT  Confederation in Oregon For Language Teaching

FFLA  Florida Foreign Language Association

FLAG  Foreign Language Association of Georgia

FLAM Foreign Language Association of Missouri

FLAME Foreign Language Association of Maine

FLANC Foreign Language Association of North Carolina

FLAND Foreign Language Association of North Dakota

FLAVA Foreign Language Association of Virginia

FLENJ Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey

GWATFL Greater Washington Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages

HALT Hawaii Association of Language Teachers

IATLC Idaho Association of Teachers of Language and Culture

ICTFL Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

IFLTA Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association

IWLA Iowa World Language Association

KSWLA Kansas World Language Association

KWLA Kentucky World Language Association

LFLTA Louisiana Foreign Language Teachers Association

MFLA Maryland Foreign Language Association

MiWLA Michigan World Language Association

MCTLC Minnesota Council on the Teaching of Languages and Cultures

MFLA Mississippi Foreign Language Association

MALT Montana Association of Language Teachers

NHAWLT New Hampshire Association of World Language Teachers

NMOLE  New Mexico Organization of Language Educators

NYSAFLT  New York Association of Foreign Language Teachers

OFLA  Ohio Foreign Language Association

OFLTA  Oklahoma Foreign Language Teachers’ Association

PLAN Professional Language Association of Nevada

PSMLA  Pennsylvania State Modern Language Association

RIFLA  Rhode Island Foreign Language Association

SCFLTA South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Association

SDWLA South Dakota World Languages Association

TFLTA Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association

TFLA Texas Foreign Language Association

UFLA Utah Foreign Language Association

VFLA Vermont Foreign Language Association

WVFLTA West Virginia Foreign Language Teachers Association

WAFLT Washington Association for Language Teaching

WAFLT Wisconsin Association For Language Teachers

WFLTA Wyoming Foreign Language Teachers’ Association