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# Description
#langchat Hosts weekly live chats as well as an archive of all things related to world language instruction
#leadwithlanguages ACTFL’s new advocacy campaign
#AuthRes A repository of ideas and questions with respect to using authentic resources
#2bilit2quit This is one of the nationwide Seal of Biliteracy #
#LeadWithLanguages ACTFL’s campaign for language advocacy
#Country Follow the happenings in any country by typing in that country after a #
#fle Ideas for French instruction
#tellproject Keep up with TELL
#ascd The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development tweets out the newest trends and best practices in the field
#edchat Follow the conversation from the field of education.
#mfltwitterati Modern Foreign Languages
#MASSCUE If you are a “techie” you probably already follow the Mass Computer Using Educators.
#langbook Need a guide through the Keys literature?  These slow chats are often hosted by local educators and include national experts in the field.
#DouglasReeves Interested in standards?  This is your #
#spanishib: IB Diploma Program Spanish
#IBSpanishB: IB DP Spanish B specific
#spanishteachers: Spanish teachers
#flteach: Foreign Language teaching
#latinteach: Latin teaching
#profesele: Profesores ELE (español como lengua extranjera)
#twitterele: Español como lengua extrajera (enseñanza)
#aimlang: AIM – Accelerative Integrated Method
#mfl: modern foreign languages
Conferences #MaFLA17




Who to follow on social media
Professional Organizations @MaflaOnline


















MaFLA Board @MelroseFL










Inspirational Educators Teachers of the Year







@professeurD  Margarita Dempsey WL teacher at Smithfield HS and Bryant U, wife, mother. NECTFL Teacher of the Year 2013; NECTFL Board, AATF Region One Rep, Theatre - Travel, Gourmet cooking

@SraSpanglish  Laura Sexton

ACTFL leaders and presenters



@lterrilllindy (Laura Terrill)


@tmsaue1 (Thomas Sauer)

@gretafromtexas (Greta Lundgaard)

@leadwlanguages (Research and Advocacy)

@psandrock (Paul Sandrock)


Leadership Initiative for Language Learning  (LILL)




Teachers in the Field

@robuprice (French and authentic resources)

@stacymargarita (Social justice)

@cassandraglynn (Social Justice)

@sraspanglish (

@dawncarney3  (French, elementary, Arlington, MA)



@mmeblouwolff (French, middle school, thematic units)

@mmeshep (French)

@karacjacobs  Kara Jacobs - Wife, mom, runner, xc coach and Spanish teacher. I use this account for sharing, collaborating, and professional development.





@manuelawag (intercultural competence)

@doriecp  (intercultural competence)


 @weteachlang ‏(podcast)


@SteeleThoughts - sometimes you need a little outside perspective and motivation, not just from the WL community.



MaFLA Picks
Who we are Who we are following Why
Julie Calderone, World Language Director, Boston Public Schools

Becky Rankin, French teacher, Lexington High School

Ted Zarrow, Latin teacher, Westwood High School

Carlos Luis Brown, Curriculum Team Leader, Wilmington Public Schools

#Langchat I follow #langchat because teachers share great ideas and resources.

I often find ideas I hadn’t considered or something of value.

So many great conversations, even when in small concentrated amounts can be very powerful. Any social media is NOT about having the MOST followers, but having the RIGHT followers. Quality over quantity.

Deb Heaton, Latin teacher, Woburn High School @ACLClassics
Sarah Mogathader, French Teacher, Brookline Middle School @1jour1actu I follow this because it provides me with videos of why different practices exist in France
Jeanne O’Hearn, Spanish/ESL teacher, Masconomet Middle School @karacjacobs Tough to choose but I would recommend @karacjacobs because Kara's posts have made me aware of numerous amazing resources. Thanks, Kara!
Kim Talbot, Director of Global Education, Melrose High School #mafla18 I  love interacting with learners who are at MaFLA PD events  - I learn so much whether I am in the room or not!
Tim Eagan

Department Head for Classical & Modern Languages

Wellesley Public Schools






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