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MaFLA Exemplary Program Awards

The MaFLA Exemplary Program Awards assemble industry standards on best practices and high performing programming with strong student outcomes.  It is intended to be a working document for programs who wish to work toward attaining the Exemplary Program distinction. The Levels 1 through 3 described are potential areas of entry for programs to use as a checklist to identify areas of need as well as an advocacy tool for administrative support for program strengthening. This rubric is still in draft form and your feedback is welcome.  Click on the button below to offer your comments and suggestions.

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ONLINE Resource Sites for FL Teachers

FL Teach – The Foreign Language Teachers Forum is an integrated service of FL teachers. This resource includes a WWW. site, an email LISTSERV Academic Discussion List, list archives and the FL News Server at the State University of New York at Cortland.

The Foreign Language Resource Centers – The common goal of the Language Resource Centers (LRCs) is to promote the learning and teaching of foreign languages in the United States. The US Department of Education established the first LRCs at US universities in 1990 in response to the growing national need for expertise and competence in foreign languages. This site lists all of the Centers and includes a search function which will allow you to look for specific materials related to the teaching of foreign languages.

Links to the specific Foreign Language Resource Centers

CALPER – Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research, Pennsylvania State University.

CARLA – Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition, University of Minnesota.

CASLS – Center for Applied Second Language Studies, University of Oregon

CERCLL – Center for Educational Resources in Culture, Language and Literacy, University of Arizona.

CeLCAR – Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region, Indiana University

CLEAR – Center for Language Education and Research, Michigan State University.

COERLL – Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning.

LARC – Language Acquistion Resource, San Diego State University

NALRC – National African Language Resource Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

NCLRC – National Capital Language Resource Center, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Center for Applied Linguistics.

NEALRC – National East Asian Languages Resource Center, Ohio State University

NFLRC – National Foreign Language Resource Center, University of Hawai’i

NHLRC – National Heritage Language Resource Center, University of California, Los Angeles, UC consortium for Language Learning & Teaching

NK-12FLRC – National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center, Iowa State University

NMELRC – National Middle East Language Resource Center, Brigham Young University

SALRC – South Asian Language Resource Center, University of Chicago